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  1. My Bronco Experience @ Sarasota Ford (Fla)

    Very nice, totally agree with you on the rock rails.
  2. What is your BL build?

    Area 51 4 Door Stock rims MIC top Roof rack Keyless Entry Door Storage Bags 2.3l Manual Transmission High Package Tow Package Dealer installed Winch Bimini top OEM floor mats (because I like the Bronco logo in the back seat area)
  3. UAW at work. Excellent

    Well said. I’d say we should stop assuming we know anything about this post and move on with our lives...On a separate note, anyone notice if the cup holders for the 4 door are in that picture?
  4. I need my Bronco.

    How we all wish we waited for the warthog.
  5. Bronco - inna woods?

    Some videos on the North East Adventure Company page: And some others from rausch creek offroad park: Hope this helps. FYI, I’m not affiliated with any of these. Rausch creek will be the primary place I go off-roading and I do...
  6. More Initial Impressions with slightly different perspective

    Great write up. I appreciate the fact that you weren’t opposed to looking at the Bronco with a more critical eye. With respect to the MGV and the leather wrapped steering wheel, what is your current vehicle which you are comparing it to? I’ve been a little leery of Fords interior options ever...
  7. Bronco Intervention by SO?

    My wife, my children, my coworkers, total strangers..yeah I might have a problem too. I’m pretty sure every time Ford announces new delays a little piece of my wife dies as she realizes that now I have more time to second guess every decision and show her pics of every color in every setting.
  8. Jeep wants in on the Cactus Gray crowd

    I think it’s more interesting they made an overland rig and put fifteen 52 wheels on. Probably coincidental.
  9. What big news are we expecting in April

    Due to a MIC and soft top shortage you can still get your Bronco in 2021 if you forego any top. Ford will give you 1000 credits in Ford PASS cash and a Bronco towel.
  10. Squatch sticker

    Pretty sure that’s @BAUS67 profile pic.
  11. 4 door Bronco shoulder room, B pillar pinch point

    Hmm. I have very broad shoulders. This may be an issue since I’m 6’1”. This is going to make seeing the Bronco a must before I finalize everything. I don’t like feeling squished. Thanks for the post and the pics!
  12. Now I've Gone And Done It!

    Every time I feel content that I ordered the right color, Ford extends the deadline for order changes.
  13. Off-Road 72 Hour Bag

    Do you pack a small sleeping bag and a candle in case you’re stuck in the snow on a cold day? Candle will provide a small amount of heat in an emergency situation. Other than that you look pretty well equipped. edit: didn’t see the bivy bag the first time through
  14. A52
  15. A52

    Man, I’m having deja vu. I swear this exact post was on here like a month or two ago, similar poll, same vehicle....I think I’m losing it..
  16. Another hypothetical for ya, because why not?

    None, I’d keep my truck, and go pitch an idea to Ford.
  17. Should I get the 33” good year MT’s or 33” bf Goodrich TA?

    I’m going the cheap option with the BFGs, then will put the Wranglers on when the BFGs wear out.
  18. Ditch the towing package for now and get one from Ford or aftermarket later to avoid any delays?

    I must have missed something, when did the tow package become a delay item?