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  1. It was glorious!!! 2 points to note though.

    I didn't drive it. They wouldn't even start it so I could hear the 2.7 purrr.
  2. It was glorious!!! 2 points to note though.

    Yeah this is what I was going off of which is why I thought it was weird.
  3. It was glorious!!! 2 points to note though.

    It was alright but nothing to write home about. I went A51. The AMB was better then expected.
  4. It was glorious!!! 2 points to note though.

    Build and Price wasn't very clear on that at all which is where the confusion was. B&P has it at $695 for both the MT and Beadlock. Oh well.
  5. It was glorious!!! 2 points to note though.

    It's not carpet. Durable plastic material not sure what it was though.
  6. It was glorious!!! 2 points to note though.

    I went OG. I liked the reviews of the KO2s and don't need beadlock.
  7. It was glorious!!! 2 points to note though.

    Dealer event a Ted Bitt Ford in Chantilly VA. I loved every bit of it. For a long time (or what felt like a long time) I went back and forth between a Black Diamond with Squatch/Mid and Badlands with 33s/High (due to budget mostly). They had both there and my decision to go with the BL was...
  8. My Moab Bronco ride review and detailed 33" vs 35" tires ride comparison

    Thank you. Based on some of the assumptions I made and the feedback and opinions that a lot of folks were giving this was exactly what I was expecting but there was still that bug that needed first person validation and this really helps. I am in the BL, 33", High, 2.7L camp and you hit on all...
  9. 4 door storage bags at $350 a WASTE of money....?

    Its probably not a waste of money but with the extra Ford cash given ($250) I would buy those separate and not wrap them into the car payment (+2.9% est.). If you do opt for them then they will end up costing you more then $350 with the interest. I opted against many options because of that and...
  10. Ford Fan

    Enjoy your Sport.
  11. BADLANDS & A little more...

    Gross. And that license plate is brutal too.
  12. Sighting of a Warthog Wannabe

    I'm shocked that he didn't try to park that junk on top of the curb.
  13. Why do Bandland options not include the Tube steps and the hard top sound deadening headliner?

    It has rock rails instead. You can replace those and add tube steps if you would like (aftermarket). You can then flip between the two if you would like. Rock Rails for trails and Tube Steps for DD. Should be pretty quick to change out too.
  14. Use Trailcam as a Dashcam?

    Based on the videos from KOH the guys talked about it a little and that front trail camera flips on when in Rock or Baja Mode and since you shouldn't drop those on pavement then I would think not. Could you drive in Baja on pavement and get that trail cam engaged, sure, however it is not...
  15. 2028 Honda Ridgeline renderings are just stupid

    It looks like the Easy Button on wheels
  16. What are you cross-shopping the Bronco against?

    I was looking yesterday to get a feel for the market and there was nothing that even compared to the Bronco at the same price point. I mean there was a Honda Pilot for $50K that had some of the same features (sunroof, LED headlights, heated seats, etc.) but its not even close. I occasionally...
  17. 📊 Submitted Bronco Orders Tracking List & Stats

    Badlands 4D 2.7 A51 No Squatch High Pak MIC
  18. Safety of the new Bronco?

    Read up on Boron Steel, that is what the roll cage is made out of. If you opt for the steel front bumper (and back) most of the front and rear impact should be highly rated. Obviously, with doors off side impact becomes an issue but your driving a pretty heavy truck with standard and advanced...
  19. 📷 Recent Broncos Produced + Wildtrak & Big Bend Interiors + Production Rate Stats Speculation

    For those wondering what the math is... Start Date May 1, 2021 - End Date November 30, 2021 (7 months of production) = 214 Calendar Days (excluding holidays and weekends) at 1,000 per day that's 214,000. That means we are all getting MY21s!!!!!!