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  1. Cactus Gray Black Diamond and Black Outer Banks at Ken Grody Carlsbad Bronco Event

    In person the BD steel wheels look great. Better than I had hoped for.
  2. New Pics of the ARB Bronco

    I really like the rear bumper but their front bumper doesn't do it for me.
  3. A point of contact for SoCal buyers

    I went down to Pacific Beach this morning and saw the same two Broncos. I was hoping for a two door but still very nice. The Cactus Grey was nice but we will be getting a different color anyhow.
  4. A point of contact for SoCal buyers

    How long to get a confirmation? Email or otherwise.
  5. Will the Black MIC Top Fade - How Protect it?

    FYI the MIC top is a dark shade of grey not black.
  6. What does your wife think of the new Bronco?

    My wife likes the Bronco. She likes the Squatched ones best. I think she has no idea how high the step in will be. Who knows she loves her Jeep. The only bummer is she will not drive it if I get a manual tranny.
  7. Broncos will be at King of Hammers for seat time and trail ride (ride-along)

    Have any "local" dealers announced viewings at their lots? Before or after?
  8. Pre/Post KOH viewings at SoCal dealerships?

    Is there word from any SoCal dealers about the Broncos from King of the Hammers visiting their sales lot? Seems like a no brainer for them.
  9. My Ford account - Error Has Occurred

    I dont have a Ford account due to error messages. Hundreds of them. I have tried with different devices, no luck.
  10. 2.7L, or 2.3L. Help me make the right decision.

    I’m old too. No replacement for displacement doesn’t scream 2.7L to me.
  11. 7 speed manual rev matching?

    I learned to rev match riding motorcycles. Now my motorcycle has a slipper clutch which kind of makes my “talent” unnecessarily but it is unobtrusive unless I mess up.
  12. Sub 2k lb camp trailer to tow with Bronco?

    I love tent camping. My wife said no more tent camping. We have come to a decision, no more tent camping.
  13. ?Cactus Gray Black Diamond with steel wheels (2-Door)

    Not really the subject of this thread but this BD 2 door is sporting the “standard” rock rails. A little further proof they are indeed standard.
  14. $2000 off Invoice on October Bronco Reservations at Granger Ford

    So Oct. 31 I was going to jump on this deal at the last minute to ideally get a early 22 model. I outsmarted myself as the Ford site refused to let me create the nessicary account to sign up. I tried multiple devices and many times. I still cannot create a Ford account. It asks me to refresh the...