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  1. 🎥 2021 Bronco Badlands Off-Road Test [Can It Wheel? By Lite Brite]

    I'd enjoyed their last two videos on the Bronco. The show and tell format has lots of information to educate and inspire. I'm also glad I didn't have to constantly listen the screams of WOOOOHOOOOO...! WOOOOOOO.....! that is typical of their Jeep contents. I have a lot of respect for what they...
  2. Sand down tires??

    If only shops would explain to their customers what they are doing & why they are doing it, instead of just the what, it would go a long way to ease consumers' skepticism.
  3. Bilstein HOSS & Position Sensitive Dampers Part Numbers & Differences

    Would it be wishful thinking: "ARH" = Adjustable Ride Height?
  4. Anybody else concerned about plastic interior looking cheap?

    This interior is designed to be kept indoor. It'll probably disintegrate if it gets exposed outside.
  5. My Moab Bronco ride review and detailed 33" vs 35" tires ride comparison

    Swaybar reconnects automatically above 20 mph. At highway speed it would be connected regardless of driving mode.
  6. 📸Spotted: Area 51 First Edition Bronco 4 Door + Soft Top Walkaround

    To screw & unscrew the plate every time a different car is taken out is just not feasible. Just think about it. You have multiple test vehicles and multiple drivers. All taking turns testing one or more vehicles at same/different times. You also have a limited number of plates allocated to you...
  7. 📸Spotted: Area 51 First Edition Bronco 4 Door + Soft Top Walkaround

    I believe it is a temporary manufacturer plate used for on-the-road testing. It allows them to easily move the plate from vehicle to vehicle depending on which one is being taken out.
  8. ac360

    Bay Area Broncos

    Thank you for the response. The black Legacy Plate will be the cherry on top for me.
  9. 2021 Ford F-150 Owners Are Already Facing Rust, Corrosion Issues

    Andre at TFL compares his 2021 F-150's rust issue to a Raptor, and a much older F-150.
  10. ac360

    Bay Area Broncos

    @Gloff Sean, It's it possible to apply for a specialty license plate at the time of delivery via your dealership? I would like to get a set of classic Yellow on Black license plates for the Bronco. Also, would it be possible to request to have the front license plate bracket not be installed...
  11. Brush Guard design changed to avoid blocking Bronco grille letters

    Although I don't have any issue with the original brush bar design, I'm impressed with how quickly Ford has responded to customer feedback. Some more obvious examples of these changes due to customers' feedback are: - Sasquatch with a manual transmission. - MIC color and texture. - Offered an...
  12. Rotors look small

    I'll offer my humble $0.02 ... 1. Best 60-0 braking distance is mostly tire limited. As long as your brakes can lock up the wheels, you're braking power is maxed out. Brake fade and it its ability to shed heat is a whole other discussion. 2. Largest diameter discs are wheel limited. With the...
  13. How to: Remove Fenders on 2021 Bronco [DIY Instructions Videos]

    Must be a press invitation by Ford. It appears all these videos are recorded at the same facility.
  14. 2021 Bronco Quick Reference Guide! PDF 📄

    Looks like the wheels have beadlock rings installed.
  15. I caved.

    weak. ... like the rest of us. :LOL:
  16. Ford Motor Company stock price hit 52w high

    Good for you. At this rate, by the time you pick up your Bronco, you may have enough to get a "free" Badlands + initial investment.
  17. The Yeti Challenge RACE

    The original Camel Trophy was sponsored by the Camel branded cigarettes (own by the R.J. Reynolds Company). Maybe your Yeti Challenge can attract Yeti, the cooler maker as a major sponsor. Just a thought. I hope you succeed. I would love to watch this adventure.
  18. 📊 Submitted Bronco Orders Tracking List & Stats

    Agreed. Actively managing this data set while people continue to make entries would take up to much of someone's time. With more than 1.6K entries, the 75 duplicate entries is minuscule. The stuff I'd highlighted might be passively interesting to someone, but it is really just for the sake of...
  19. Issue with WBDO and My Ford?

    Your account shows only your original reservation configuration. But it should also be updated with "In-Store Order" status, the order date, and the order number. In addition, you should also receive a confirmation email (as shown by ZachDanger) from Ford with details of your actual order.
  20. Roof Rails with Crossbars - yes or no?

    That's a good question about off-road load rating. Apparently a major U.S. rack manufacturer did not make the rating very easy to find for one of their YouTube promoter in Australia. The said yourtuber was not impressed. His conclusion at the end of the video is that the off-road load rating of...