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  1. Multiple calls this week saying im making a mistake

    Fixed it for you 😂
  2. Cactus Gray Black Diamond and Black Outer Banks at Ken Grody Carlsbad Bronco Event

    I saw them in person today for the first time. Really exceeded my expectations. I think we are all going to be very happy with our rigs.
  3. California Check In

    Escondido 4dr Badlands Carb Gray Mic top 2.7 Squatch High Package ordered from KMF
  4. 📊 Submitted Bronco Orders Tracking List & Stats

    Order submitted 1/31/21 4dr Badlands, Carbonized Grey, 2.7, HIgh Package, MIC top, Squatched
  5. 37’s and Fox Suspension on Bronco Outer Banks @ King of Hammers (KOH)

    Just be sure to add power steps before you bring it home.
  6. A point of contact for SoCal buyers

    Hey fellas we might want to stop giving Eric and KMF so many props until after March 19th We are just asking for more people to switch to KMF and bump us off the allocation list This thread should probably be closed??
  7. Broncos will be at King of Hammers for seat time and trail ride (ride-along)

    I saw a post on BN last night that said they were unloading trailers yesterday. I assume you should be good for this weekend
  8. Broncos will be at King of Hammers for seat time and trail ride (ride-along)

    I am thinking of heading up Weds the 27th. Do we know for sure if the Broncos will be set up by then?
  9. Equipment & Trail Accessories You’ll Be Carrying?

    Micro fiber towels and quick detail spray. Maybe a lint roller to get the Bulldog hair out of the carpeted seat backs.
  10. A point of contact for SoCal buyers

    Hopefully this does not bump those of us already within your 2021 allocation
  11. Took a drive to a local Ford R&D center and found....

    Thanks for taking the time to run by there on a Bronco hunt. A Bronco would look great in that Blue on the Mach.
  12. Xplan is not cancelled at Kearny Mesa Ford *NOT AVAILABLE TO NEW TRANSFERS ANYMORE*

    Can't wait to check them out in person! Thanks Eric
  13. Badlands Bronco Thread

    If I remember correctly there is also a black out option to replace the Orange handles and stitching. Can anyone confirm?
  14. Your Build: Pre and Post B&P

    Edited to show Lux package
  15. Your Build: Pre and Post B&P

    4door Badlands Oxford White Black modular top 2.7 Squatch Tow Marine Vinyl Lux package
  16. 2021 Bronco NOT Eligible For X-Plan (Official Document Confirmation) [Update: Confirmed by Ford]

    A dealer can decide if they want to offer the same pricing as Xplan. There are some stand up dealers out there that are still honoring the Xplan pricing even though it is not being formally offered by Ford
  17. 2021 Bronco NOT Eligible For X-Plan (Official Document Confirmation) [Update: Confirmed by Ford]

    If you got MCA membership for Xplan you should probably activate the PIN now and print it out. Some dealers will still honor Xplan pricing even if Ford is not offering it. I would print out an Xplan PIN now just in case MCA changes there program and does not offer Xplan moving forward
  18. A point of contact for SoCal buyers

    Thank you for handling this curve ball so quickly. Glad my reservation is with KMF
  19. San Diego east county

    I am up in Escondido and switched to Eric at KMF 4 door Badlands Squatched 2.7 Oxford White MIC top in black if available if not painted shadow black
  20. Pics of Marine Grade Vinyl Seats vs Leather Seats in 2021 Bronco - comparison

    That vinyl looks great. Might make the decision between Badlands and Wildtrak much easier.