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  1. 6' 7" Legroom Tested 2021 Bronco 4-Door -- With Pics

    This is tremendously helpful for me as I am 6'7" as well. I have both a 2-door and a 4-door ordered. I have been concerned about leg room but equally about headroom on the side support, especially while off road. How likely am I to get a concussion while playing hard? Lol. Also, did you fit...
  2. Where is the Lightning Blue!!

    Lol...yes sorry. I've been looking all over and Velocity is all I read. Thx
  3. Where is the Lightning Blue!!

    Are there any pictures of a Lightning Blue Bronco? I have not seen one yet but may have missed it. I will not buy my FE site unseen on the color. I don't understand why Ford is not making the FE more separated for those buyers. I'm strongly considering letting mine go. Not sure its worth the...
  4. Video: 6'3" guy climbs in and out of 2 door Bronco rear seats (+ full review)

    They would not allow anyone to get in them. They did move the seats around so I could look at the spaces. Of course they had the seats set in the middle but the leg room in back was still tight for an above average adult.
  5. Video: 6'3" guy climbs in and out of 2 door Bronco rear seats (+ full review)

    I was there today. There is no way a 6'3" guy is sitting behind a 6'3" in either 2 or 4 door!! I am 6'7 and would be lucky to have a car seat or young child behind me even in 4 door, though I should fit ok. Head room may be interesting with side roll bar. I have ordered 3 and will likely go...
  6. First Edition Bronco reservation on eBay for $15K

    I think this could be done as long as the original reservation owner has a dealer friend willing to help or is a dealer themselves. My dealer buddy said that any reservation/order placed can not be forced on the buyer. This means if the vehicle comes in and the original person doesn't buy it...
  7. Tennessee Bronco Club

    @ThtDroneGuy Once the order is placed, I could be the buyer placing the order. Definitely could do it at my friends store in Greeneville, Tn
  8. Tennessee Bronco Club

    If you decide to change, let me know. I may be interested in taking your order. Each person is allowed 2 orders.
  9. Tennessee Bronco Club

    If u dont mind few hour drive, Gateway Ford in Greeneville, Tn. No ADM
  10. Tennessee Bronco Club

    Where might I find that color options available on the different trims? I pre ordered and FE but want to make sure the cyber Orange is available.
  11. Tennessee Bronco Club

    @SliderJack I confirmed they will not have ADM on any orders but at this time they don't know if Ford will allow X plan. If Ford honors it, I suspect they will on preorders only.
  12. Tennessee Bronco Club

    @SliderJack I have mine reserved at a Gateway Ford in Greeneville. He is a friend. I will try to confirm ADM and X plan.
  13. Tennessee Bronco Club

    Knoxville here. FE reserved.
  14. First Edition Bronco bumped up to 7,000 production limit!

    Looks like i will downgrade. Only reason i was willing to pay more was for the small limit. Now its not worth it to me.