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  1. Anticipated possible common issues / problems?

    I'm guessing there will be a few minor bugs with sync4. Beyond that is anyone's guess
  2. Where will the Bronco be in 10 years?

    Mine will be sitting pretty in the parking lot at work
  3. How unique is your Bronco build? Stats from 1600+ Submitted Ordered Builds

    Got a feeling my 'rare' IS WT is going to get more popular after that RTR build 🤤
  4. Who's going to Bronco Celebration EAST 2021 in Townsend, TN from April 21-24

    Just caught this little nugget on the Broco Driver Mag Facebook page. HYPE
  5. Why is OBX the only model that comes with 18 inch wheels ?

    And the wheels are fugly to boot
  6. Bronco Wave?

    Simple yet elegant
  7. Where are the vendors?

    You sound like the narrator from Oak Island...COULD IT BE?!
  8. Got my VIN Number! Anyone else?

    Where's the STIG when we need him?
  9. Got my VIN Number! Anyone else?

    So here's my theory... My $.02 If you will. OP ACTUALLY got a call from his dealer. Why do I believe that? Because my dealer called me as well. But no VIN for me yet... As to the WHY it was their first post? Maybe the OP's SO doesn't give a rats arse (like so many of ours :LOL: ) and OP...
  10. Got my VIN Number! Anyone else?

    I also have a priority order, fwiw. But like others have eluded to in this thread, I'm not sharing any more info until delivery. I don't have to waste my time to prove to anyone on the other side of the internet what my specific situation is, or is not.
  11. Multiple calls this week saying im making a mistake

    Must explain the username :LOL:
  12. Got my VIN Number! Anyone else?

    See below. It's happening.