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  1. Why No 33's Option on BD Trim?

    I was firmly in the mid&manual BD club... until that was nixed for ‘21. I’ve since ordered a high&manual BL (well played, Ford). Honestly though, when I think about it... I like the 360 camera and front sensors. The sway bar disco is the only thing I wouldn’t care to add aftermarket. When...
  2. Video of camera views and other pics from Pittsburgh Bronco event

    Does anyone know if the camera hard button cycles through every available mode or just toggle on/off? I see a lot of videos like this cycling through using the touch screen but each video that uses the hard button just uses it for a quick on/off reference... but they also only touch it once or...
  3. ⚙ 2021 Bronco - OEM Factory Rims / Wheels Specs (Sizes + Offsets) ⚙️

    not sure why I didn’t think to look for the specs on the specific tire. Thanks
  4. ⚙ 2021 Bronco - OEM Factory Rims / Wheels Specs (Sizes + Offsets) ⚙️

    Question for the tire experts here... can I run the 285/70r17 (33”) KO2’s on the BD steelies? Not sure if the drop from the 8”-wide BL wheels to 7.5” is a dealbreaker. ya know, in case someone wants to run their badlands incognito as a BD... asking for a friend 😉
  5. 2021 Broncos vs Hell's Revenge

    Yeah @justinbmcbride is actually a member on this forum but looks like he’s more focused on his youtube presence... because money lol I like his videos. Not an attention seeker, just a good dude that likes off-roading.
  6. In your mind, Bronco compares to what?

    To me, the bronco feels like a 4-runner that was injected with a double dose of fun
  7. What big news are we expecting in April

    I see evidence of B&P changes coming... the accessories sub-menus were just reorganized
  8. Stupid Headline - Bronco Who? [Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 article]

    #clickbait c’mon motortrend, you’re better than that? I think a V8 is a welcome addition to any vehicle line-up, kudos to Jeep for doing it. That said, the random shot at Bronco without an actual comparison is just lazy fanboy journalism. The V8 does very little to improve the capability of the...
  9. Is the B&P still being updated?
  10. Shouldn’t Ford allow to switch camera views via buttons while rock crawling?

    You mean like this button?...
  11. Build & Price Update from Ford – Q&A with Bronco Brand Manager

    Well I don’t see an update with added accessories... but stuff is changing! I’ve noticed over the past few days that the light accessories don’t always show up when selected and the rack accessories were shuffled (unless awnings always looked like canoes). Ford watching that self-imposed...
  12. Winter/Summer Tires (traction/fuel economy)

    The swift-typing @ZackDanger AI bot strikes again
  13. Percentage of users that really need Badlands? (edit correction)

    Here we go again lol My actual needs could be met with a corolla, hiking boots, maybe a mountain bike i actually wanted a manual BD mid, but we know how that went. Getting a BL for the extra cameras and sensors, makes it less intimidating for my better half to drive. But hey, spotlights on the...
  14. A note to the 4-door brigade: We get it already!!!!!

    lol why so serious when telling me to be less serious? wasn’t intended to be offensive. I did chuckle. Just pointing out that we’re all going a little stir-crazy. I just can’t wait for when I’m not refreshing this forum for scraps of new info, but rather checking in once in a while to figure out...
  15. A note to the 4-door brigade: We get it already!!!!!

    We should soak this moment in. That dead space between deciding and waiting. Between useful brand info and useful service/customization info. Like bad elevator music... these threads fill the void until we get to where we actually want to be, and will be immediately forgotten.
  16. Amazon page refreshed for Bronco apparel, novelties, accessories...

    I love some good swag! Speaking of accessories... would also like to see the march b&p update... that’s ok, they still have 2 days. Glass 1/16th full?
  17. 4 door storage bags at $350 a WASTE of money....?

    You won’t regret having protection for the doors when you remove them, but there will be a simpler, more durable aftermarket solution for storing these doors... If you plan on getting the slide-out tailgate, that’s one more reason to hesitate. I’m curious how different the DIO “off-vehicle...
  18. Restrictions. This won't allow that...

    Different subject thread but pretty applicable to this one too: