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  1. Bronco model misconceptions

    The BB appealed most to me, since it opens up the ability to add a $500 rear locker a-la-carte & the sig lighting. A non-optioned big bend is definitely a glorified base with an extra "oh SH##" handle and a few small goodies.
  2. 2DR Defectors?

    Like the 4 door a lot, especially after seeing it in real life. But... I'm sticking to my guns with my 2 door order, just gotta get a hitch mounted bike rack to carry my cycling rigs. Really love the proportions of the 2 door.
  3. Updating First Edition Order

    I added a rear locker & signature lighting to my build 2 days ago & the bronco specialist told me that I would receive an email confirming the change. Lol, I've been checking my emails nonstop to make sure I get the email.
  4. added signature lights to my BigBend

    Just added the sig lights to my BB build today too. After seeing them IRL, it's definitely a must (mainly for the LED tails).
  5. ARB air lockers for base

    That's a really good point, probably will just go that route then.
  6. Anyone plan to apply ceramic coating to their Bronco?

    Hybrid solutions is great! I use it on my current car (black paint) and the surface beads really well after 6 - 8 months. I plan on using this on my Big Bend.
  7. ARB air lockers for base

    I would definitely consider an ARB rear air locker for my Big Bend 7MT.
  8. Cactus Gray Black Diamond and Black Outer Banks at Ken Grody Carlsbad Bronco Event

    Nice shots! I was down at Ken Grody on Saturday. These look so good in person. I have a 2 door order, and had my concerns that the 4 door would look a bit land limo'ey, but was pleasantly surprised. Ford really nailed these trucks.

    Did a quick quote & was pleasantly surprised that it was cheaper than the Lexus IS that I currently drive.
  10. thesocalexplorer

    SoCal Broncos

    Does anyone know if the big broncos will be on display during the tour, or just the baby broncos? I'm hitting up Carlsbad saturday, but not sure if I want to make the drive over if there are no big broncos to check out.
  11. thesocalexplorer

    SoCal Broncos

    Carbonized Gray Big Bend, 2 Door, 2.3/7MT, rear locker & signature lighting
  12. thesocalexplorer

    SoCal Broncos

    San Gabriel Valley - Just outside of LA
  13. 📷: Spotted Air Designs Fender Flares & Door Moldings on 4-door Big Bend Sasquatch Cactus Gray MIC

    Looks like the BB grill and the MIC match pretty well in color, too! Was concerned that it would be 50 shades of gray in actual outdoor lighting.