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  1. Videos: Outer Banks Rapid Red & Big Bend Velocity Blue 4-door Broncos @ Sawgrass Ford

    The bronco event was at our dealership (Sawgrass Ford) yesterday. Unfortunately employees weren’t given a lot of time and they wouldn’t let us turn the trucks on. Still was super impressed, size felt good. Wish they brought a 2 door. 4K youtube links below
  2. Bronco allocations released to dealers

    Based on my our meeting on Friday there are going to be a ton of delays and drop offs with orders. It seems like higher end trims like badlands or leather equipped models and even Sasquatch will be harder to get if at all the first year based on allocation. If you didn’t reserve day one the odds...
  3. Dealer just requested another $400 to advance my reservation.

    Likely because there have been so many reservations, the dealer requesting additional down to feel out and see how serious the buyers are. Nothing else should be required until after it is actually configured and signed off on. We had a couple hundred reservations in a day or two and by only...
  4. $1000 below invoice pricing in Florida .. Why Not ?

    It's going to be sticker or plan pricing for those who qualify. There isn't a lot of mark up, the demand is insane
  5. Dealer just requested another $400 to advance my reservation.

    The $100 deposit is all thats required now. Once the build and price is up then I'm sure dealers will be bringing in those who put down the deposit. After its built together a larger deposit will likely be required. I sell at Sawgrass Ford in South Florida, we have no dealer fees or mark-up on...