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  1. Vermont Off-Rodeo May Be Coming to Suicide Six Ski Area [Update: Nixed by Local Residents]

    They should just do it at one of the existing off-road parks in ME. Haven't been to any of them (yet) but wouldn't it just make sense to use an existing park with at least the trail infrastructure?
  2. Black Diamond Builds

    Has anyone heard any updates on if production versions with MGV interiors will still have 'carpets' on the back side of the rear seats? I've seen a few question/complain about it and in recent pictures at dealer events the BD's still have the 'carpet'....
  3. What do all of us future Bronco owners do for a living?

    I run a youth, recreational sports non-profit. Kids gotta play!
  4. Vermont Off-Rodeo May Be Coming to Suicide Six Ski Area [Update: Nixed by Local Residents]

    Anyone received info from Ford yet?
  5. List of New England dealer events?

    I just spoke with someone there and they don't have any details yet. Aren't even sure of the exact day(s), what they'll get, etc. They put me on a list to contact once they have more info...
  6. Maineah

    New England Broncos

    Anyone found any updates on dealers in the NE area getting demos? The closest in that newer thread seems to be NJ.
  7. Any roof rack changes announced yet?

    For those with more experience than me...Is there any chance the moving load limit of the factory rack would be increased? I believe it is currently advertised at 110lbs. I know most are expecting an increase in tow rating. Could we expect the rack limit to be increased at some point or is what...
  8. The Ford Bronco wave is 🤙🏼

    My motto is "you do you" (not sexually) but used to work with a bunch of english blokes...The backwards peace sign, or the V, is the english version of the middle finger. I say toss up a knuckles out peace sign...perfect combination of what's up and FU.
  9. Where are you from? What are you going to do with your Bronco?

    Southern Maine...daily driver but will find plenty of logging roads in the Lee/Lakeville/East Grand Lake area every summer. Gotta find some fresh fishing spots no one else can get to!
  10. Black Diamond v. Badlands

    I ended up going with a BD purely for budget and admitting I'm an off-road noob. Has the MGV, mid-package and plenty of performance for just starting out. One question I have is thinking back on all performance videos, I can't recall a single one with a non-SAS model. Obviously Ford wants to...
  11. Crafty Storage Options?

    Very cool...expensive....but cool. Thanks!
  12. Crafty Storage Options?

    Thought about this as the go-to option but the hard-shell carriers are just that, hard-shell, so things like the pack & play, family cooler, odd shaped or hard items just won't fit...Was thinking half the top in a hard-shell, other half a narrow rack. But then the weight limit comes into the...
  13. Crafty Storage Options?

    Very cool!
  14. Crafty Storage Options?

    Trying to figure this out before my wife kills me. I convinced her to go with the Bronco over an explorer or something bigger because it's saweeet and I said we'd still be able to fit everything. Here's the deal - It'll be us 2 adults, 2 kids in car seats and 2, 60+ lb dogs. Dogs always travel...
  15. Will 33's fit on this Black Diamond setup as is?

    On the count of three name your favorite dinosaur, don't even think about it...I'm in the exact same position...would love to go BL or SAS but it just isn't in the budget...And, if I'm being honest with myself, how many times am I really going to push it off-road...I want to but I also want to...
  16. Configuration: Aux Switches and Accessory Rail

    Am I the only dumbass that thinks electricity is the most confusing thing ever? Amps, volts, watts, hertz my head just thinking about it.
  17. Would you buy pull off standard Badland wheels and tires ?

    I'm going stock BD steel so depending on what they actually look like in person I might be interested to upgrade if I could find locally.
  18. Now I'm jealous of a KIA?

    A huge plus for me with this Bronco is the MGV and washout floors. Does no one else want a vehicle they don't mind getting dirty? Very surprised there aren't more "blue collar" interiors that stand up to real world use, kids crumbs & spills, winter snow melt, pollen, dust, pets, etc. The relief...
  19. No BD at KOH seems to be a good marketing tool.

    My exact decision as well...