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  1. Vermont Off-Rodeo May Be Coming to Suicide Six Ski Area [Update: Nixed by Local Residents]

    Didn't see this posted here yet. Looks like the planned location for the Vermont offrodeo has been blocked by residents.
  2. Dashboard USB Ports on Non-Lux Bronco

    Thank you! I did see that reply. It seemed like it would come off separately but now it's looking real promisimg. Edit: comparing those pics... I do not see any seams where the tray in the bronco could come out separately like the ranger. But on the Bronco it looks like the front-most piece...
  3. 🎥: Bestop Fastback Soft Top Operation Demo

    I'm very much like the fastback top look. Its a nice way to switch up from a hardtop and get a slightly different look. But I can't be the only one who doesn't care about the windows being removable or the top folding back. The top looks horrible folded back and of course will be noisy. Also...
  4. MUD JAM!

    Wow, thanks! This is only 65 minutes away from me. I gotta go next year. If only I would have a bronco in time this year.
  5. Black Diamond Headlights and Tail Lights Demo

    I originally liked the base headlights more for the amber bar but grew to really like the signature lights a lot more. I really wanted an amber bar lit up while driving but it seems the signature lights wont do that. Oh well. Not knocking either choice. But those lights really were...
  6. Dashboard USB Ports on Non-Lux Bronco

    I wonder how easy it will be to remove that piece. The plastic trim panel that is under discussion. If it can be popped off without more dash removal, then wires should be easy to find and something like this could be installed...
  7. Bronco Badge of Honor Program?

    Sorry I cannot answer the question but I really don't want more badges all over my bronco. Reminds me of the subaru activity badges but not quite as bad.
  8. Ok, time to pull the trigger: Squatch or no?

    Non sas is my choice. On my own BL as well. In theory a non sas BL would be the top tier used bronco someone would be looking for if they going to do major mods. It has all the top parts. It has the upgraded front axles and the sway disco. Also if they are going bigger than 35s they are...
  9. Feedback & pics from Bronco event in Richmond, Virginia: Badlands on 33's + Black Diamond

    The comment on the feel of the center console grab handle just confirmed my plan. I am hoping aftermarket will come up with replacement items for that grab handle. Something maybe like a sunglasses holder and a small bit of storage area. There's not much space there to still allow for the...
  10. Vermont Off-Rodeo May Be Coming to Suicide Six Ski Area [Update: Nixed by Local Residents]

    Nice! I've been waiting to see where this would be. Thank you. Only 2 hours from me, I hope to have my Bronc this summer and drive it there.
  11. I pulled the trigger (Upped my BD to BL)

    Nice! Excellent choice. I also started with a mid package BD and ended up with a high package BL.
  12. Winter/Summer Tires (traction/fuel economy)

    Currently running those tires. They are great tires. I highly recommend them.
  13. First Edition vs Heritage hypothetical

    I agree. If you look at the lease residual value list from Ford, Heritage edition is listed. Its almost the same as FE. So that implies it's a trim not a package and that it will be a similar price to FE. I wouldn't be surprised if it includes sasquatch and the v6.
  14. Gadget dash bar / accessories rail availability?

    All the pictures of the BYOD rail only connect in the center. A solid threaded mounting point, with arms that brace against the dash on each side, will be plenty strong. As people said, if Ford doesn't come out with it there will be aftermarket. You should also be able to screw in a camera...
  15. Why did you order a Wildtrak?

    Correct, the upgraded cameras are tied into the high package. Its what made me go up to that package.
  16. Why did you order a Wildtrak?

    Baja mode is on Badlands as well. But I agree with your point about BL vs WT
  17. Door Bags

    Not questioning anyone's decision to buy these bags, i almost did, but these seem expensive to me. Until I see and feel them in-person, I'm hesitant to buy them. How much padding do they have? Is the inside easy to clean if they get dust and dirt in there? If they were priced at 200 I'd be a...
  18. Any Dash-cam suggestions for Bronco? Can I use Bronco camera as Dash-cam?

    So you take that as you record directly on your cellphone? I hope not but they don't explain it fully. I could be wrong but I've always assumed its going to be an adhoc wifi connection, phone to bronco. They bronco will record and it will save on the phone as its recording. The same way drones...
  19. Free Sound deadening headliner poll

    It's none of those. I stand by my original prediction.... Because of the roof changes to MY22, the headliner no longer fits after this year. At this point they have more headliners than MY21 Broncs will be produced. Its cheaper to give them away and make people happy than to sit on inventory...
  20. Ford Announces FREE Sound Deadening Headliner For All 2021 Bronco With Hard Tops

    Too many posts to read, so maybe this has been said. The reason they are free now? theory The roof has changed in a way that these will not fit MY22. They have more than they need so they included it so as to not be stuck with extra inventory.