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  1. Base bronco Sasquatch capability

    yeah I was just reviewing the different trims again, and just kept thinking that wow, other than the software of other modes, the sas really is dope. It almost seems too good to be true! Hahaha. I’ll def be going onto Amazon to buy heated seats/maybe some sort of vinyl to put around my seats...
  2. 20.1 average MPG showing on a 2.7L Bronco Outer Banks at dealer event

    Very happy to see this. On one of the other dealership posts like a month ago, there seemed to be a BL with 2.7L having an 18.3 mpg average as well. Maybe that one experienced more off-roading? I’d say it’s safe to say that your OBX here probs stayed a bit more on the highway, but that’s nice to...
  3. Base bronco Sasquatch capability

    Hello everyone, I have searched all over the place, and cannot quite seem to get this answered. What do you expect the base bronco with Sasquatch be able to actual do when off roading? I understand that the base only comes with the 5 standard goat modes. However, it seems as the goat modes are...
  4. 🗓 Modular Painted Top and Dual Tops Pushed to 2022 (Cloth and MIC tops only available at launch) + green color and white top confirmed

    Checkmate fellas, I have a base 😎😎😎 here’s to hoping I actually get it this year tho hahaha
  5. 3.20 Varsity Ford Dealer Event - Photos, Questions and First Impressions

    so I have family that live in Cleveland, I wouldn’t mind taking a trip to see them... and the Bronco... anyone know how I can sign up for the event and attend? Or is the list already made?
  6. Basequatch vs. base and buying 35” tires separately

    that’s a good point that you’re making. I am going to ask for the timing of events on Saturday. Honestly if it is going into 2022, I might just find a pick me up that lasts a bit longer for work. Then when the bronco has been out for a bit, I can get the discounts and other offers.
  7. Basequatch vs. base and buying 35” tires separately

    Additionally, monument valley requires 4x4 cars only, and people with subarus are dumb af when they go there thinking their AWD is A-Okay to navigate.
  8. Basequatch vs. base and buying 35” tires separately

    Thank you thank you thank you! I will not necessarily be off-roading 24/7, but I will most definitely be using it for when I decide to go cross country camping. I will be visiting places like monument valley, where I can use the bronco to drive around myself in (instead of renting/paying a...
  9. Basequatch vs. base and buying 35” tires separately

    Hello everyone, I am about to make my order on Saturday. I was hoping to get some more opinions on my base bronco. Do you all think the Sasquatch is worth the money? Or would it be just as good to get the base and separatelybuy 33/35” separately? If separately, any recommendations? thanks!