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  1. I SAW IT, I SAW IT, I SAW IT............Bronco that is. Wanna see some photos?

    4DR units only, no Sasquatch. Not the best proportions for wheeling and general aesthetics. Definitely made it easy to stick with the 2 door, if you have a young family your stuck with the bloat.
  2. Saw the California Broncos at Tuttle-Click Ford... Q&A / Feedback [Yes, Rear Seats Recline a Little Bit!]

    Just sat in the Irvine demo units, the box reduces elbow and hip space significantly more than I expected. It's not that I didn't fit, just less room to shift around on a road trip. Box delete may become a thing.
  3. I SAW IT, I SAW IT, I SAW IT............Bronco that is. Wanna see some photos?

    Just sat in 2 four doors in Irvine... not what I expected.
  4. Drop Weight. Besides less beer, what can I do to strip a badlands for my DD? Lighten up!

    Drop your order to Base Squatch, all the capability of Badlands sans the disconnect and shiney objects. Take the $15k difference and pick up an off lease elec. Bolt with 5 yrs left on warranty. Don't degrade a specialist into a mediocre experience.
  5. Trail turn assist

    Seems like it would assist on tight switchback ledge trails, like Black Bear in Ouray. It's a puckerfest with multipoint turn and high exposure, 4DR nightmare maker. I am definitely going to try it.
  6. Anybody getting the factory winch?

    I run a 12K winch in a plate bumper-heavy in the 2nd worst place (1st is roof). It loads the front suspension in a big way-all the time-bringing on a very need suspension upgrade. So on this shot at it I'm going like others have suggested, removable on front and rear receivers. It will spend...
  7. How many "Unhappy Color Surprises" can Ford dealers expect?

    Stared at a cactus grey ranger at dealer lot for 15 minutes. Looking away and back, in sun, in shade. All would shift the color perception significantly, not always pleasing to my eye. I believe it will be a unique, short lived color option and therefore date the vehicle, like metalic teal green...
  8. A few questions on MGV and Washout interior for those in the know

    At best "Mop out floor", flooding for "Wash out floor" is ill advised. FJ Cruiser has rubber floor with MTRs, and noisy. Speaker phone is near useless. Carpet with more padding would help a bit and get nasty quick. Cloth interior with carpet only flooring, ceiling liner, 200lbs of sound...
  9. 🎥 Bronco Base Sasquatch Walk Around Video

    ... and just like that I dropped Badlands for Base Sas... no regrets. (except maybe that 12" screen with cameras).
  10. Wildtrak Order.....Standard front bumper or Modular front bumper?!

    The plastic bumper with fogs will net you an extra circuit, probably survive until aftermarket option are bountiful. Factory steel with modular construction is not structurally solid like a singular/mono fabrication construction, thicker plate bumper. When you land on modular bumpers they...
  11. The Case for a 2-Door BaseSquatch

    Solo miners, way worse. All cagey, wild eyed and filthy. Paranoid that you're there to steal their gold. Plowing up the stream beds destroying the fishery... the worst.
  12. The Case for a 2-Door BaseSquatch

    Show up on a trail with a Base Squatch 2.7 PLUS $10 in aftermarket; sliders, bumpers, rack, coilovers, skids, Anti-Rock swaybar (disconnects is not the only way)... VS. Badlands Squatched, $10K to Ford, and a ton of electric gadgetry (cameras are too cool). ... shouldn't be a hard decision...
  13. First view of hood molding accessory option on 2021 Bronco (+ door moldings)

    I love all the bling, tape on plastics, let's you know a lot about who's in the car and where their priorities lie...
  14. Badlands NonSasquatch vs Black Diamond Sasquatch

    Been holding off changing order between the BD SAS and BL with High... watching KOH videos/demos like all of us... Then I went on Landrover's site and ran the entire build to order program for a Defender. Endless amount of trivial options, really unbelievable. Put things into perspective real...
  15. Did KOH change your mind on anything regarding your build? Back & Forth...

    The KOH rides were excellent to watch, people having fun, feature exploring. It's when the truck hits 6-8 years, 100k plus miles that more trail duty kicks in for most and those extra features become onerous. The leasers and collectors never feel the pinch of $1,000 led headlight replacements...
  16. Sasquatch package suspension same as badlands and wildtrack?

    It was painful watching KOH demo drivers cycling through GOAT modes, seemed to defeat the quick access to hero buttons. Transmission mapping in Baja mode vs. Sport mode... worth anything? couple extra button pushes...
  17. The Ford Bronco wave is 🤙🏼

    You wave, while we silently judge your need for attention... ... unless your a looker, then full wave.
  18. How important is the stabilizer bar disconnect?

    That is how most do it with both the manual links and the Rubi disconnect, since it cannot release under load, and sometimes not at all. The biggest issue with the manual hardware disconnects is keeping the bar end from falling into the CV boot and shredding it which happens a lot. I am...
  19. How important is the stabilizer bar disconnect?

    IFS in the FJ with sway bar entirely removed 24/7, runs great on washboards, just fine at freeway speeds and greatest articulation alway available over obstacles. Increased spring rate helps reduce on street roll. Lifted vehicles already handle like boats, if your a racer automatic disconnects...