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  1. 📸: STL Ball Park Village Event: (2) Badlands 4-Door Broncos in Race Red & Rapid Red

    Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals. Both Bronco's on display are red. Coincidence or good marketing?
  2. Vermont Off-Rodeo May Be Coming to Suicide Six Ski Area [Update: Nixed by Local Residents]

    Good information about Vermont's current covid travel restrictions on Woodstock Inn's web page. Hopefully approval for conducting Off-Rodeo at Suicide Six Ski Resort will be forthcoming soon as well as easing of...
  3. What aftermarket wheels for 2021+ Bronco do you want?

    These will do nicely on a rapid red 4 door Badlands
  4. Final Conversion Rate?

    Will the available 20% 'dealers allotment' that they can order influence the final conversion rate
  5. Bronco Sport not as off road as Marketing Suggests? What’s that mean for Bronco? mode-trail-turn-sway-bar-rear-legroom.12376/ Watch this or any of the videos from the King of The Hammers event. You will have your answer.
  6. "Well I just don't really want us spending $40k on it..."

    I'm an equine veterinarian, guess that makes me a 1 percenter I'll be driving my Bronco on the farm, across fields through snow, rain and stepping in mud and manure everyday. All my trucks have Weather Tech liners. They do a great job containing all the dirt and are easy to remove to clean the...
  7. Late 2022 Delivery?!?

    Yes, you can expect a 2022 delivery. Dealers are guesstimating a 75%(ish) reservation to order rate. This is what a few dealers have put on different threads here. With 190,000 reservations, that will be about 145,000 orders at least. I have a July 31, 2020 reservation and i am planning on a...
  8. Order question?? Dealer says i have to wait till Ford tells them to "pick up the build"?

    My misunderstanding, Thank you. Shouldn't the OP received one of these acknowledgments from Ford to confirm the receipt of his order from the dealer. So for me, I received the original one which had missing components to my build. I contacted the dealer and after two more attempts the order as...
  9. Order question?? Dealer says i have to wait till Ford tells them to "pick up the build"?

    Since your order is placed you should have received a copy of the Dealer Order Receipt Aknowledgement or DORA. directly from Ford. This will state the information about your build and should be exactly as you want your Bronco. If it is not correct, ask your dealer to make the changes you want. I...
  10. Greenlight collectibles announces '21 Bronco Wildtrak 4 door in Rapid Red

    So how do make a new vehicle model of a BRONCO and not match it with the horse trailer? Just sayin"
  11. How much additional deposit are your dealers asking for to finalize your build?

    Response from my dealer when asked about pricing and deposit. I have converted my reservation and received my copy of the DORA. "Yes for the 6G members its invoice +175 done deal (minus tax and plate obviously). No deposit needed especially with how far away yours is."
  12. Plow Options?

    Do this, Don't destroy your new Bronco
  13. "Well I just don't really want us spending $40k on it..."

    I'd let Dave Ramsey decide this one for you. Curious, block heater in Texas? Maybe this week
  14. How many build changes have you submitted with your dealer?

    I have a BL, 4 door, Rapid Red, 33" tires on order. I went with the shadow black mod roof based on the light gray appearance of the MIC top, which didn't look good to me. Now that photos of how glossy the mod top is and the emergence of photos of the darker MIC top at the KOH event are being...
  15. First Edition Rapid Red Bronco at KOH

    I concluded the same, that the the trucks are likely the same and is why I selected these pictures for comparison. It is obvious the bright factory lighting 'distorts' the color as it will appear in natural light. That said, FORD has allowed several of the distorted factory pictures to be...
  16. First Edition Rapid Red Bronco at KOH

    FORD really has to be more forth coming on what the production tops, both the MIC and MOD tops, will look like. They are accepting orders and dealers are collecting, in some cases, ]non- refundable deposits and asking buyers to make decisions on color/top combinations that are either changing...
  17. 4-Door Badlands AREA 51 with soft top down at King of Hammers

    Great look on this Badlands. The RTR wheel is available with a R17X9+30. I'll assume the bolt pattern is correct @ 6X5.5 since it is listed as a Ranger wheel. Goodrich specs state that the LT285/R17/C will fit a 9" wide wheel. So the question I have is this. Will this wheel/tire combination...
  18. 📊 Submitted Bronco Orders Tracking List & Stats

    Order submitted, correct DORA in hand, Dealer did not request down payment. All I have to do is wait to hear from Ford in May for scheduling.
  19. Bronco Reservations Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Submitted, correct DORA in hand. No down payment requested by dealer. All I need to do is wait for response from Ford for scheduling.