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  1. Issue with my dealer....NEED HELP!

    I called my dealer today to change colors. It was done, so someone is wrong. I got the updated build sheet and my priority stayed the same. Only thing that changed was the color.
  2. Issue with my dealer....NEED HELP!

    Again, wrong. Unless you have VIN assigned you can change anything you want. Your dealer is either dumb or lazy.
  3. Your VIN number and Tracking Production Of Your Bronco

    Why ‘before’ March? The deadline was March 19th, so if you ordered Feb ruary 28th you’ll get a VIN but if ordered March 1st-19th you won’t get one in the next two weeks? I think maybe something is missing here.
  4. Bronco Order Scheduling Starts Now!

    My dealer said they have 3 orders for May production. When I asked if I was one of them, I got no response. My dealer is not very forthcoming with allocation or where I am in it. For those of you with good dealers, you’re lucky!
  5. When is the final day to make changes?

    That would be wrong. You can make changes up until you have a VIN. Making a change now will have no result in ‘MY unless you choose something that is not available or is a late availability.
  6. Bronco Order Scheduling Starts Now!

    You can probably count on seeing an October reservation in 2022.
  7. So production weeks 5/31-6/30 go live week of April 19th! Some of you will get VINs

    That’s why I’m not speculating anymore. When I get a VIN or an email saying what my build date is, then I’ll know. You could literally drive yourself and the others around you insane constantly obsessing about things we don’t know and have no control over. I realize my 4 door OBX with leather...
  8. So production weeks 5/31-6/30 go live week of April 19th! Some of you will get VINs

    And does anyone have confirmation that there are STILL deadly sins and what they are anymore? That information was a month or more old. Everyone is speculating and there is ZERO proof of anything. I understand people are excited and want their vehicle, but there is only one place that knows for...
  9. June build info starting to be released to dealers?

    Yeah I saw this too. This guy loves to promote his dealership. I don’t trust a bit of it.
  10. Am i the only one that finds this odd?

    Are you kidding?! Tell me this is a joke! If you see that as a problem or odd, I suggest you stop and think about it logically for just a second.
  11. Los Angeles Galpin Ford Bronco Event Pics

    Yeah, I just laughed my ass off when I read that one. And he knew it was stupid because he must have blocked comments?
  12. Ditch the towing package for now and get one from Ford or aftermarket later to avoid any delays?

    I’d be more worried about chip availability than towing package.
  13. TFL, Jeep 392 Rubicon

    I’ll stick with my bronc. Never been a huge fan of Mopar/Jeep.
  14. Will I get a 2021?

    ‘They had to bump for returning customers’ is their choice. But again it should go off allocation and your time stamp. If you reserved BEFORE these people, your dealer is trying to screw your.
  15. MPG on a first edition 2.7 4door

    Not concerned. It’s not going to get 40mpg and I have no idea how it was driven. I didn’t order one for the mpg and I could care less what it is.
  16. Word of Warning to See Broncos on Display!

    Those events have absolutely nothing to do with your reservation or your order. Everyone has had to register and it’s been all over this forum for a few weeks.
  17. Granger Ford - Priority Orders

    Had I known about you all before placing My order....I would driven the 4 hours to You. Oh well.
  18. Anybody else concerned about plastic interior looking cheap?

    Exactly. Not concerned at all. We all have several ways out of this if we see it and don’t like it.
  19. Anybody else concerned about plastic interior looking cheap?

    Based on the availability, the dealer will gladly cancel your purchase and sell it to someone on their waiting list. My dealer told me, if it comes in and you hate it or it doesn’t fit you....I’ll give you back your $1000 and thank you as you walk away. There will be ZERO chance they can’t sell...