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  1. Closeups of Black Diamond Antimatter Blue 4-Door Bronco

    Some closeups at an ABM Black Diamond
  2. đź‘Ł First Look at Sasquatch Badge for Base Bronco!

    Post says "Base Bronco" so maybe only if you get Base + Sasquatch. Makes sense too since base trim comes with no badge by default.
  3. 99 Broncos were built at MAP last month

    I just noticed this in Ford’s sales report PDF for last month... they reported building 99 Broncos at Michigan Assembly Plant. Thought it was interesting that they include preproduction units in the stats.
  4. First Edition Rapid Red Bronco at KOH

    First Edition Rapid Red. Pics by Bronco Nation
  5. Want to know if the Bronco Sport can be used for overlanding?

    Probably more appropriate at Bronco Sport Forum. This place is pretty much all about the Bronco Bronco.
  6. NOTICE TO ALL RE: Bronco Nation Content [See Update]

    Exactly. Hard to argue mistake when it's part of a pattern of hostility towards Bronco6G users. I find it funny reading their users complain about the vitriol directed towards their beloved paid corporate site. I...
  7. NOTICE TO ALL RE: Bronco Nation Content [See Update]

    There are plenty of B6G watermarked pics posted over on BN with nary a link or mention. If you complained, their members would say "well the watermark is on there" In fact, most can't even get themselves to say the site name. They just say "other site" lol. Hilarious some people saying this...
  8. NOTICE TO ALL RE: Bronco Nation Content [See Update]

    LOL when in doubt blame the lawyers. They expect people to believe that their own lawyers cooked this up and sent this without consent?? Totally agree this is pure damage control. I give them no credit for this, it's not an olive branch it's pure covering your ass.
  9. Build & Price Update from Ford – Q&A with Bronco Brand Manager

    I can't watch until much later tonight. Anyone care to jot down the main points so we don't all have to suffer through it?
  10. First Mach-E just delivered on time. Hopefully bodes well for Bronco production schedule

    The first Mach-E was just delivered, meeting Ford's targeted timing of "late 2020." Hopefully this bodes well for Bronco production schedule.
  11. Bronco Accessory Pack 1, 2A, 2B, 3A package info. FCTP Bronco service loaners will be fitted with one package

    Black Diamond was just used as a graphic representation. Updated my post: One thing to note here, timing on the program is likely to be after ordering is complete. The specs of what will be in the show room will be picked by Ford but isn’t announced in our source material. The vehicles in the...
  12. Bronco Accessory Pack 1, 2A, 2B, 3A package info. FCTP Bronco service loaners will be fitted with one package

    Info on Bronco Accessory Pack 1, 2A, 2B and 3A. Credit to Bronco Nation for the following info: Ford is launching an FCTP (Ford Courtesy Transportation Program) for Bronco. It's a program that allows customers to borrow a Dealer vehicle while their Ford product is being serviced. As we...
  13. Updated Bronco FAQ: Order Conversion/Dealer Selection Deadline Now March 19

    Ford just updated the Bronco FAQ page (here) with some more info. Reservation FAQs Will my configuration from Build & Price be sent to my dealer? No. Bronco reservation holders should use the Build & Price tool to support their upcoming order consultation. Recommend printing and saving a copy...
  14. Freep: Delay due to Bronco removable top supplier issue

    Link: Analyst: Ford Bronco supply chain problem points to removable tops December 7, 2020 A lot happened within eight hours. Just after 8 a.m. Friday, a top executive...
  15. Confirmed: 2-Door Soft Top Accessory Option & 4-Door Sunrider Top by Bestop

    From Bronco Nation - After the Q&A event, Plaza-Jennings also confirmed to Bronco Nation that the SEMA build Bestop accessory is scheduled to be available for the 2-Door Bronco at Job 1 (OEM speak for “at...
  16. 2021 Bronco Preliminary Build & Price Dealer Quick Reference Guide [PDF]

    The first page of the PDF should prove that this was released by Ford directly to dealers. A dealer who just copied another guide wouldn't bother putting together a cover page like that. That language is straight Ford Corporate. More likely is that Ford dealers and BN were just given the same...