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  1. Why is everyone afraid of the engine bay?

    Not sure, maybe new drivers or drivers that really don't know there way around an engine. I think it's easy for people to hear about issues with turbo charged engines in general and start doubting/getting worried. Also, possibly due to no pictures of a plastic shroud being on top and it just...
  2. St. Louis Auto Show Broncos sneak peek

    Interesting, I hope they aren't easily damaged. With the amount of off roading some people will be doing I can see them getting scratched or scraped off partially.
  3. Anybody else concerned about plastic interior looking cheap?

    Yeah that was an annoying thread to see and read through. I'm glad it's been locked but the first post still hasn't been changed, so people will still stumble across and may not read the last couple comments showing OP had no idea what was in the photo when he posted it, assuming it was "from...
  4. St. Louis Auto Show Broncos sneak peek

    This is going to be a dumb question, I saw someone say in a video the badges were basically fridge magnets (I think it was TFL). Are they permanently attached to the side or are they actual magnets?
  5. Washout floors. Removable/swapable? [PROBABLY NOT]

    I’m not even sure what I’m looking at in this photo nor am I sure what everyone is freaking out about in the photo.
  6. Dang, Good Vibes Only ✌️

    Eh, kinda of a pointless article. This shit is happening every day to people on Twitter for a hundred different reasons. Don’t feed the trolls, fuck the haters.
  7. 2021 Broncos vs Hell's Revenge

    I don't believe the guy from Our Bronco Life has a beard.
  8. Hell's Revenge & Devil's Hot Tub Bronco Video w/ Talk of 40" Tires (Featuring Loren Healy)

    This is from the Lite Brite channel so most of the video is Jeep stuff, time stamps below include all Bronco content in the video. Some really cool shots and footage in this video compared to the other Hell's Revenge video 00:25 - 01:44 02:23 - 02:34 - really cool wide angle shot of Bronco...
  9. Wildtrak makes no sense at all.

    That was my 2nd guess as well and it makes sense. I don't plan on having many things in my back seats but gear, so not a biggie.
  10. 📸: STL Ball Park Village Event: (2) Badlands 4-Door Broncos in Race Red & Rapid Red

    Wow, great pics! Race Red is so nice, I think I am sold on that color. That Fallout tattoo is nice as well.
  11. Wildtrak makes no sense at all.

    No I totally understand that, my STI has the same thing. I just don't understand why the fold down center section only comes with the leather but not a big deal just find it odd.
  12. Wildtrak makes no sense at all.

    That seems like the weirdest design choice. You don't get rear passenger cup holders without choosing leather. Especially if you're gonna be going no doors which I assume that's where the back seat default cup holders are.
  13. Wildtrak makes no sense at all.

    Is that just in the WT? Does BL have cupholders in the back with the 4 door? I should just look this up myself lol.
  14. 2021 Broncos vs Hell's Revenge

    Honestly, not that difficult. If you have a spotter who is telling you how to position your tires, it's not a hard climb at all and I suspect even the base Bronco should be able to do it no issues. You don't need a sway bar disconnect to do this. The Bronco has enough articulation/travel for this.
  15. Riding with Vaughn Gittin Jr in 2.7L Badlands Sasquatch in Moab FULL SEND

    I thought you were saying you were getting WT because of Baja (unless I read your comment wrong). I was just clarifying that both WT and BL have Baja mode. I was on the fence as well but I have seen how fast it accelerates with the 2.7 and SAS on the highway in several ride along videos and it's...