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  1. Chase lights

    I attached mine to my Curt trailer hitch right above the receptacle for the safety chains, so the lights are protected by the hitch. These lights are white or yellow, so I also installed a 3 position switch below the steering wheel.
  2. Thoughts on towing a 17’ Casita?

    I like the shorter height for that reason as well. I have it behind my F150 right now until I wire up the 7 pin, and brake controller on my Bronco. It looks like it will sit nicely behind the Bronco and not stick above it much. And I'm 6'2", inside the Casita 16 is 5'10". Its comfortable enough...
  3. Thoughts on towing a 17’ Casita?

    Cool but out of price range
  4. Thoughts on towing a 17’ Casita?

    Found a Casita 16' and apparently they are 800lbs lighter, and tongue weight is 245lbs
  5. Thoughts on towing a 17’ Casita?

    I have looked at the Scamp, but something about them just doesn't do it for me. Friend had one of them, and they are definitely light weight.
  6. Thoughts on towing a 17’ Casita?

    Now that I’m finding real world tongue weights on the 17’ Casita at 500lbs, it is way too much. Bummer!
  7. Thoughts on towing a 17’ Casita?

    Definitely would do sway control / wdh. Seems like it’s too much trailer.
  8. Thoughts on towing a 17’ Casita?

    Yep completely understand that, and alluded to that in my post. That’s why I’m here asking if it’s too much, and seems like it is.
  9. Thoughts on towing a 17’ Casita?

    I have a 4dr base Sas, 2.7. Installed the curt hitch, and will add a brake controller as well. I’m looking into buying a 17’ Casita spirit trailer, dry weight is 2480lbs. I don’t plan to carry much in it, and not filling the water tank. So it should stay under 3k total trailer weight. Family of...
  10. National Park Pics... Show Yours!

    Canyon Lands Zion Arches
  11. 805BaseSquatch

    SoCal Broncos

    I havent been able to go, but really want to. Everyone says it is a great experience and highly recommends it. Some of the guides that work off roadeo come to other events where I've been part of trail drives and they are great! Vegas and Moab both get great reviews, Moab trails can get very...
  12. 805BaseSquatch

    SoCal Broncos

    @Danny W great to meet you as well! That was a fun ride
  13. 805BaseSquatch

    SoCal Broncos

    @W8N4A23 good meeting you! I remember that
  14. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Installed the Raket Designs roof rack, super happy with it so far. I haven’t carried anything with it, but it looks rad! I added a flood light to each side as well powered by a remote switch.
  15. 805BaseSquatch

    SoCal Broncos

    I hope so too! See you there
  16. Finding an EPIC campsite and sleeping in the back of the Bronco - Alabama Hills [pics and video]

    Awesome thanks for the info. Looking forward to your review
  17. 805BaseSquatch

    SoCal Broncos

    Who will be at King of the Hammers this year? A friend and I will be brining our Broncos and tent camping with Bronco Nation. I camped with BN last year and really enjoyed their set up, it's nice this year that tickets are included. Looking forward to a fun trip!
  18. King Of The Hammers 2023 Prep

    I'll be out there! Camping with Bronco Nation