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  1. Florida 2023 2 door outer banks (Eruption,SAS,Tow,+++)

    Is the dog included in the deal?
  2. Just got the 2-Door ADV 5" fenders installed

    This is all your fault, first I changed to white after seeing pics of yours and now I am going to have to spend more money on those fenders. Those look incredible. You are a real bad influence 😁
  3. Path to the Packs : Gift with Purchase!

    Ordered mine on the 10/11, missed it by about a week!!
  4. DIY Hidden Winch Mount

    I have the rough country hidden mount on mine and you can access the clutch just be reaching down through the engine compartment, the only complication I have is that I used a Badlands Apex winch and the clutch lever hits one of the intercooler hoses when you rotate it. I am going to trim the...
  5. Bronco Team 2 door.

    That's a problem with the "trim rings" on the bead lock capable wheels, even if the tire is molded with a rim protector it's not wide enough to protect them - they just stick out too far.
  6. Quake LED Releases Ford Bronco Metal-Tek Sequential LED Tail Light! - QMT1192

    The main concern I have with them is that they are metal, a hit good enough to break the stock plastic taillights will most likely cause these to bend/damage the fender. I would rather replace a broken taillight then have to do bodywork.
  7. Warning: Extended Warranty didn't cover MIC Top crack damage

    Off topic, but how did your Milestar Patagonia's hold up? With 43K on your Bronco I assume you have either replaced them or they should be getting a little thin.
  8. Ford Bronco now makes up more than 25% of segment market share

    You could have just bought a V8 CJ5 and if that wasn't enough for you the AMC 401 bolts right in (trust me, that is a scary combination with a mildly built 401)
  9. Kicker Key Amp 200.4 Install DIY Video - Do this first!

    That's what I am doing, I already soldered up the new T-harness and have the speakers. I just haven't got a chance to install it all yet. I am installing these under the seats: Amazon.com: JBL Fuse - Passive Dual 8” Subwoofer : Electronics
  10. Kicker Key Amp 200.4 Install DIY Video - Do this first!

    Kick/Dash Wiring The front setup wires the kick panel speakers and the dash speakers in parallel, if you get this adaptor for the kick panel speakers you can split the dash and kick panel speakers and only have to run an additional set of speaker wires to the kick panels by cutting the wires...
  11. Shout Out to Random Kindness from a Stranger

    Looks kind of like the hammock, do you think it might be from a Ford rep that might have come across your Bronco?
  12. Badlands 17" Wheel Kit now available from Ford Performance catalog

    Are you meaning no poke with the flares removed? even with the standard flares there won't be any poke with that size of tire on the 55 offset rims.
  13. Love my new mod

    Are they making those for 2 doors? seems like all the latest accessories are only available for 4 doors.
  14. Good Loan Interest Rate Currently?

    If yours is in production, I would apply now and try to get the rate locked; rates are only going to go up.
  15. AFE Cat Back Exhaust Installed

    Also installed the AFE exhaust. Easy to install and fits well, I did get some insulating tape and apply it to the tubing and some of the plastic brake line retainers around the muffler (it's probably about 3/4" to 1" away from the tubing in one area and being stainless steel, it radiates a lot...
  16. Took delivery of my Area 51 Bronco Raptor - 80/20 on looks but 100% on performance

    I've replied before that it's a generational thing, 30 or 40 years ago kids would not be caught dead driving a 4 door to school (that was mommy's car) and there weren't any 4 door performance cars. That has now changed and most kids want a 4 door. I wanted a 2 door because I always wanted an...
  17. Took delivery of my Area 51 Bronco Raptor - 80/20 on looks but 100% on performance

    A 4 door bronco kind of reminds me of this (the Braptor flares surprisingly might be an improvement on this): The only "real" Bronco other than the Raptor is the 2-door.