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  1. Looking for rear shelf

    Yeah I was looking for something that stopped people just reaching in and grabbing stuff with the top down. With the shelf in they'd have to climb in and flip the seats forward to get anything in the trunk. Doubt they'd bother.
  2. Looking for rear shelf

    I use the Hooke road shelf because it’s the only one I found that doesn’t use side molle panels and also fully covers the trunk area.
  3. May Exclusive Deals on Mud Flaps!

    I like the old school look. seems like these would be more rugged than hard plastic mudflaps.
  4. May Exclusive Deals on The Upgraded Console Wireless Charging Pad!

    I have seen other options but most seem to be slower charging/lower wattage. This might be a better option.
  5. May Exclusive Deals on The Rear Door Tailgate Table!

    I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do the secondary foldout before. Great way to get more table space!
  6. Product Testing

    I am very interested in the tailgate bumper and the rear cargo basket and am happy to make videos and photos.
  7. Can I remove the rear speakers?

    Hey @Gnomad I'm thinking basically the same thing. Did you end up removing them?
  8. New Product! HAVOC Offroad Tailgate MOLLE Panel

    Strange - I have and use the JCR tailgate table frequently and mine does not rattle.
  9. What type of Roof Rack is this??

    Yep a bit pricier but in my research definitely the way to go.
  10. KHC Off Road Bronco Body Brace installed

    I run the DV8 grab bar/overhead molle. Seems stout enough to brace the body and definitely works with my soft top.
  11. What type of Roof Rack is this??

    Look like "beach bars". Havent seen ones that are as thin as these look but honestly the wider/flatter ones look more useful. There are a few makers but Expedition One has them here: https://www.expeditiononestore.com/Bronco-2021-Beach-Bars_p_2281.html You can also look at Exposed Racks.
  12. Fridge Slide - Driver’s Side

    Thanks! I'd be interested in their tailgate reinforcement/cargo racks they make for the Wrangler. As far as I know a full reinforcement/cargo setup does not exist for us and most people piece it together. I also really like their overhead MOLLE panel that flips down. I can see the use case...
  13. Fridge Slide - Driver’s Side

    Hey - I have a diabolical slide floor setup that I'm not 100% happy with. I'd be more than willing to test something like this out to see if it work for me. Feel free to dm me more info on this. I love to cook at camp and I've been trying to wrap my head around building a kitchen setup like this...
  14. New Broaddict Rear "Discovery" Bumper?

    Looks like the spare and that widdle wadder cover your rear lights. Not really an attractive option personally. Even if I forgo the ladder (who wouldn't?) the right tail light is completely obscured.
  15. 🔩⚙ Awesome new buckles & mesh spare tire bags! ⚙🔩

    Looks really great! Do you think you'd be able to make a product that hangs over the top and a little over the back? Looking for something to take advantage of that space above the back up camera. Would love to see your compression systems used this way as I think it would be a lot better than...
  16. Finally a cooler rack!!

    Way too high up.
  17. Hanging a 1up bike tray off the spare tire... any ideas? (Edit: SOLVED!!)

    you don’t *need* to install the hitch stabiliser/feet. It’s just recommended for weight distribution. Before I had my rucrak I used this for my bikes. You could probably rig your tray to it. Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Spare Tire Rack , Black https://a.co/d/24qcpJi honestly though slapping...
  18. Hanging a 1up bike tray off the spare tire... any ideas? (Edit: SOLVED!!)

    RucRak would work. That's the bike rack I use.
  19. CptSamFalcon

    The PNW Bronco Group

    @swooshdave changing a debeaded wheel. Wasn't in the Bronco.
  20. Why lift it?

    Because clearance is not as simple as "what's lowest". Lift it to fit bigger tires to bring the lowest stuff up (diff etc) but also to get more travel/flex to keep level and keep more stuff from dragging. I get what the guide is saying but I think it's more of a jumping off point to think about...