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    Looks great, thank you!

    This is great! Thank you! Sure is a pretty pony.

    Thank you!

    Has anybody seen an eruption green heritage? Not sure that Ford even has that option, but curious if anyone has turned their EG into a heritage. Trying to get some ideas to help my dad with his build. He's got an outerbanks and is trying to get ideas of different heritage looks for the green.
  5. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    Dad just joined the Eruption Green club with us.
  6. Bronco Cheat Codes List

    Some of these feel like an April fools joke. 😂 Thanks for putting this together and sharing.
  7. FowlBronco77

    Bronco Everglades

    For some reason I was thinking it was leveled already.
  8. FowlBronco77

    Bronco Everglades

    @t0xik3 hope you found that out from someone else.
  9. FowlBronco77

    Bronco Everglades

    Looks good, thanks for sharing
  10. FowlBronco77

    Bronco Everglades

    @friethmiller my next question was where you got it. Thank you
  11. FowlBronco77

    Bronco Everglades

    Man, I really like that.
  12. Homemade Diff Drop for 6G Bronco

    Greta job! Very impressive
  13. AGM Everglades on 38’s. New suspension mods

    I'll that I agree on this color. But, I think I like the black with my green. Goes with the other black accents.
  14. FowlBronco77

    Bronco Everglades

    I get some of the issues one might have from stuff just not being perfect from the factory. And I might would agree with some of his assessments. But the guy just oozed with hate of Ford. Very thankful that I haven't had some of the issues I've read about. I had the hood problem, but I fixed...
  15. FowlBronco77

    Bronco Everglades

    I couldn't watch it all. He just hates Ford. Mine isn't noisy on the inside at all. Windchill below zero driving, and the heater had no issues keeping it warm. Had to turn off the heated seats. He complained about the material, but was incorrect on what the material actually is. So he doesn't...
  16. FowlBronco77

    Bronco Everglades

    @Kiff I think it was more with the 1.0 mic that was getting water in the seems. I know guys were leery of trying this 2.0 mic in fear that it would do the same thing. I doubt I chance it either. But, I will say I've read that others have gone thru the car wash without an issue. DA
  17. FowlBronco77

    Bronco Everglades

    I haven't heard or read anything about an actual problem with the snorkel in car wash. I just kept reading that guys were having bad experiences with hard top on any model in car wash. Not to say that there isn't some issues.
  18. StickerFab Topographical Map Interior Door Card Overlays

    If you look at their site, you might be able to do that. There's something on there about custom pics.
  19. StickerFab Topographical Map Interior Door Card Overlays

    These look great. What does the seatbelt sticker look like? And, would you happen to have a picture of eruption green bronco knoll actually on a door?