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  1. I got to drive a base 2 door. It was awsome

    Every car I have ever bought new was a base... This looks fine to me... I like simple. I just wish it has touch sensitive handles... KEy fobs.... How quaint.
  2. New 2021 2 door Base with 7 speed manual, what a great little rig and a blast to drive !

    Ya know, the base wheels don't look so bad when paired with larger tires. They look retro... Will upgrading to aluminum be lighter than the steelies offsetting the weight increase of the tires? I'm just brainstorming my future base. I don't even have it ordered yet. But this looks great how it is!
  3. New Hella Driving Lights installed

    These all look great. I'm just not feeling the rectangular LED light bars on this thing... Round is retro like the truck itself.