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  1. California Sasquatch fender flares

    I am interested to buy Sasquatch fender flares. Gauging the price point at this time....
  2. IAG Performance EZ-Lift Soft Top Assist STA

    Has anyone noticed it is harder to connect the rear windows clips with the IAG STA and the velcro doesn't line up?
  3. Interior Sound Level Decibels Test -- Soft Top vs. Hard Top vs. No Top

    This is a very interesting video that tests soft top vs. hard top vs. no top sound level comparison. The test showed both hard top and soft to at 60 or 70 MPH have the same level of dB and during idle or 20 MPH only 1 dB different. Not sure how accurate this is but still interesting....
  4. Soft top sound deadening aftermarket

    I love the soft top but hoping someone has an attachment to help lower the noise. Is there an aftermarket product that provides sound deadening for the soft top? Plus once in a while, I need to slam the doors to avoid having wind noise, anyone else noticed the same.
  5. Tapping into tail lights

    I am planning to install a red LED light on the back of my OB. Can I tap into the taillights and if so any direction plus which wire to tap into?
  6. Does it make sense to get extended warranty for 125K @ 8 years?

    I am planning to keep my Bronco. Does it make sense to get extended warranty for 125K @8 years? Planning to put lots of miles since everyone enjoys driving it. Will most of the issues come up after 100K miles needing to go up to 125K warranty?
  7. Soft top and renting / towing UHaul

    I just tried to rent a 6x12 covered trailer from U-Haul and they said since you have a soft top they won’t rent it but hard top they would. any ideas why? Can I still tow a trailer on my 4 cylinder?
  8. Aftermarket SAS paintable flares?

    I am looking for SAS paintable fender flares. Any 3rd party making them? I looked at Steel Flares but they don't look good neither does the bolt on version.
  9. Painted or Wrapped Fender Flares

    I am looking to have the same color painted fender flares on my SaS. Has anyone painted or wrapped their SAS fender flares? Are there after-market flares that are painted or paint-ready?
  10. Aftermarket Stabilizer Disconnect Bar?

    I am waiting for my OB SAS to arrive next week but the only one option I wish I could've added was stabilizer disconnect bar option available in Bad Lands. Is there a way to add this aftermarket?