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  1. Colorado Sold: Ford Bronco 4-Door SAS Suspension w/ Icon Spacer Lift installed - w/ UCA

    I am selling my 4-door bronco factory sas suspension take off with already installed icon spacer lift. I am also inlcuding the control arms with the package. The suspension was taken off the car with about 14k miles on it and the icon spacer kit was only on the suspenion for about 2k miles...
  2. Colorado Sold: Ford Bronco - OEM side steps w/ hardware

    I am selling my Ford bronco OEM side steps. I had these on for about 11 months and they’re still in really good shape. These come with all the mounting hardware and bolts. Located in south Denver area. I’m asking $115 for them.
  3. Colorado Sold: Jtops softtop Bimini - 4 door

    I recently upgraded to a hardtop and so I am selling my Jtops softtop Bimini since it won’t work. I am located in Denver but willing to ship. I’m asking 180 for it - you will need the Velcro kit for it as the car side is one time use. This is the Bimini that doesn’t have a gap from the...
  4. Colorado Sold: Builtright modular bumper license plate bracket

    I am selling my Builtright license plate bracket for the modular bumper. This is no drill and can easily swap off for trails. This is made in the USA as we. This comes with all mounting hardware. Asking 50 for it. Will ship if seller picks it up.
  5. Colorado IAG front & rear mud flaps

    I am selling my IAG front and rear 4 door mud flaps. I believe these work with SAS and non-SAS broncos. These were used for 4 months so they are a bit dirty but have all hardware to mount. Prefer local pickup but willing to ship if seller picks it up.
  6. Colorado Sold: IAG EZ-lift softtop assist system

    I recently upgraded to a hard top so I am selling my ez lift system from IAG. It has all the parts needed to install. Retail is 120 and I only had this for about 5 months. I am looking to get 55 for it. I used this for about 4 months.
  7. Colorado Sold: OEM soft top for sale - used

    I am selling my original OEM ford soft top. I had it on my car for about 6 months on a bronco that was garaged every night. I prefer local pickup and it will come with all parts needed to install. I also have a few other items for sale with it - listed below. I am looking to get $1,200 for it...
  8. Icon spacer lift - w/ SAS - use extra rear spacer?

    Hi everyone. I’ve looked and haven’t found this specific question asked anywhere. Is anyone running both spacers in the rear on the icon 3 inch spacer lift? I have full after market skids and I’m wondering if that weight will cause the rear to sit lower with just the one spacer. I’d rather not...
  9. 20 degree vs 5 degree sliders - any meaningful difference

    I have searched and searched but cannot find anything definitive. I am looking to upgrade my OBX side steps as I have almost cracked them in half a couple times on the trail. I can’t find anything on a real application difference in a 20 degree vs 5 degree rock sliders. I know the 5 allow for...
  10. Colorado OEM bash plate - WTS

    I am selling my oem take off modular steel bash plate. I have about 1500 miles on it and it has no cometic issues. I am located in Colorado and asking $125. I am located in Denver and would prefer local pic up.
  11. OEM take off front bash plate - WTS

    I am selling my front modular steel bash plate if anyone is interested. It has maybe 1500 miles and has no dents or hits. It is dirty as seen in the pics but in great shape. Asking $125.
  12. Colorado WTB - raptor side steps, rock rails and hardware

    I’d like to purchase the raptor side steps, rock rails and hardware to install. I’m located in denver but could be willing to pay shipping. Thanks.
  13. Plastic to badlands steel rear bumper swap?

    I’ve dug and dug but can’t find much on swapping the plastic rear bumper to the badlands steel rear bumper. I assume most go after market but I’m curious if there are issues with the sensor holes and the wire harness. I know the front is a pretty clean swap from plastic to mod but I can’t find...
  14. Colorado Sold: WTB Mod bumper - with sensor holes

    I am looking to buy a modular front bumper with the parking sensor holes (and sensors if possible). Willing to pick up in Colorado or pay shipping. Thanks!
  15. Colorado WTB Bronco Depot Script Emblems black

    Hi Everyone - my Bronco is (hopefully) schedule for Delivery in a couple of weeks and I am trying to track down some BroncoDepot script emblems in black or matte black.
  16. Hello from Denver

    Recently purchased a bronco that is being built. I’ve been eyeing one for a while after seeing them on the road here and falling for them. Looking forward to the community and bronco once it arrives. Thanks.