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  1. CJ Pony and CJ Offroad warning!

    Lots of websites automatically have stuff checked. Must be detail oriented & diligent. Always. (My health insurance company is the worst.)
  2. Need to cover / block off A pillar vent

    @Dan-O are you sure it pops out ? I don’t think it does.
  3. Wind noise from DV8 Dual Light Pod Drop Mounts

    Pictures please. Are you using the same lights as you did on the OEM accessory location ?
  4. Are Your Automatic Updates On?

    @Fordified1 Accessory mode, center touch screen, Settings, swipe sideways to find & tap Software Updates, top line Automatic Update = toggle off, select Continue at nanny prompt. Also at that same screen, for Recurring Update Schedule, I created a custom schedule for just 2 days a week at 2:00...
  5. Are Your Automatic Updates On?

    Sometimes I flat tow my Bronco, which is already iffy due to wacky electronics. I don’t want an automatic software update to rock the boat while I’m towing, therefore I leave it turned off. Periodically I turn it on, check for updates, then turn it back off again. @Ford I hope you’re...
  6. What are these harnesses for?

    @pakrat I have sound deadening on my to-do list. I even have he materials. But I don’t know how to take those panels off without breaking them. Do you have a good resource for how to remove the interior trim panels ?
  7. Driveshaft Decoupling Device

    @73Corvetteman what are you doing about the front driveshaft?
  8. Help me understand the fuel economics of gasoline containers?

    It is worse than that even. From the Rotopax instructions: “we recommend venting your Rotopax at least once a day or every 10 degrees in temperature and every 1000 feet in elevation. However, depending on your location and usage, you may need to vent more than once a day, especially in areas...
  9. Help me understand the fuel economics of gasoline containers?

    I’ve done overlanding/off-roading in much of the western USA and I can’t really think of anywhere that is “200-300 miles away [from a gas station]”. But more to your question, the idea is supposing that you’ve done the math and you’ll probably have enough to get out & back; the extra cans are...
  10. MPG-what am I doing wrong?

    You said ”285/70R17 Falken Rubitrek“ on steel wheel. I looked up the specs on those. OMG they must be made of lead, weighing in at 59 pounds (compared to 37 for OEM tire) and stiff load range E (compared to C for SAS Goodyear or P (passenger for stock OBX)). And steel wheels are roughly 5...
  11. Sidewall question

    Way old background info: they’re actually called “pneumatic tires” because the air holds the load. The sidewalls (carcass) don’t hold up the weight - they hold the air pressure inside and that air holds up the weight. This is the 21st century; tire engineer have figured out how to contain...
  12. Found a Locking Fuel Cap

    My local Ford parts desk and I figured out that the Ford Acessories locking gas cap listed for late model mustangs fits all Ford capless tanks. I proved it by using it on my F150 for years, then tested it on my Bronco. In the end though I’ve decided to live without it...
  13. 2021-2024 Bronco RV & Trailer Towing (GVWR / GCWR) Guide From Ford

    @RagnarKon Thank you. While its handy could you share the whole doc with other vehicles, flat tow, accessories, etc?
  14. 2021-2024 Bronco RV & Trailer Towing (GVWR / GCWR) Guide From Ford

    @Administrator Thank you! Can I get one for 2023? (Ever since Ford switched to FordPro web content I haven’t been able to access these things easily)
  15. RCI Skid Plates + Roadmaster Base Plates (TOAD) fitment

    Just a helpful fitment detail for those who want aftermarket skid plates, and also want to flat tow their vehicle using tow bar “base plate” brackets, yet are wondering if aftermarket parts from 2 different manufacturers will work together. My bronco is a 4 door OBX 2.7 V6. It came with...
  16. Towing a 1700LB Pop Up Camper?

    @Onestepmore please share a photo of the trailer tongue, including the crank jack, etc. I’ve done a lot of towing. Maybe we can help you brainstorm for the best solution.
  17. Manual sway bar disconnect

    Oh yes @One more upgrade I’m sure it does exactly as you say it does.
  18. Manual sway bar disconnect

    Ok I get it. A soft sway bar (always connected) instead of a stiff sway bar (that you disconnect and reconnect).
  19. Manual sway bar disconnect

    @Hashlak thank you for the honest review.