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  1. Dynamic Diode Bracket with Winch

    I have a pair of SS5's from a truck that I sold. I would like to mount them on the sides of our new winch mount. I have 2 screw openings but haven't seen a bracket that might work. Anyone aware of something that might work? @4x4TruckLEDs.com I didn't see anything quickly looking. Pics...
  2. Stage Series 42" Light Bar and Aux1?

    Santa brought this and the RCI roof rack. It appears from other lower amp lights I’ve seen installed that you can use Aux 1 with no issue for power. I like that less wiring but want to ensure can handle safely. Would like those that have more electrical knowledge than me to chime in for...
  3. SPV Parts Harness System Bronco Parking/Headlight Connector Adapter

    @SPVPARTS I’m having an issue that the passenger light stays lit up after the others turn off after installing. I haven’t yet connected to my backlight as waiting on it. Is that possibly the reason?
  4. Kansas WTS Bronco Factory Running Boards

    I have a takeoff set with less than 500 miles on Bonco. Looking for $350 or BO. Would rather not ship but if requested will do at buyer's expense. Went with Rock Rails instead but do a great job if looking for steps and nicely Bronco branded.
  5. Kansas Sold: WTB Modular Bumper (w/ sensors)

    My dealer was supposed to install but ordered wrong part, so I decided to do myself if anyone in Midwest or Texas area might be going aftermarket route.
  6. My Wife's Bronco Build

    It was a long journey from canceling a day 1 reservation since I didn't want to pay MSRP, never paid it on a vehicle. I love to negotiate but didn't realize the world would completely change regarding vehicles in last 18 months lol. The Bronco was a 20th anniversary present to my wife and I...
  7. Tailgate Paint and Ford Table

    I assume you will be able to see this with the table installed and the table down? WTF?