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  1. Anyone broken an axle or diff running 35s on the m190 front end?

    Has anyone broken an axle or diff running 35s on the m190 front end? I have mine out on trails just about every weekend and could reallly benefit from the extra ground clearance. Currently have 285/75/16 with 2 inch zone lift. Just worried about long term durability. Would appreciate your...
  2. Antimatter Blue Base Build

    Just wanted to share my Bronco. It’s a 2.3 Base that was ordered with Aux switches and floor liners only. I’ve done a couple mods to it, nothing major though. I love it! Its had its break in pains with the 4x4 system but it’s been my favorite vehicle I’ve owned by far. 2 inch Zone lift...
  3. Bronco Satisfaction Thread

    Who here loves the new gen Bronco? Even though mine was down for 3 months with no 4x4 due to a parts shortage, I love this thing. They are so capable even in Base trim. So glad I didn’t settle for a wrangler.
  4. A couple different Bronco trims testing out 4x4!

    Trip was a ton of fun. The base tried its hardest to keep up 😂
  5. 4x4 Issue. 3rd Attempt At Fixing By Dealer

    I was hoping to get some help on what to do here. My problem started on Feb 3rd when I got a powertrain/ reduced power malfunction on my 21 base 2.3 4 door. I had a check 4x4 and service vehicle icon pop up on my dash. The truck would not engage in 4x4. It is down on power and mpg as well. The...