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  1. Anybody mistake your Bronco for a '70s or '80s model?

    It’s times like this I miss the 🤢 reaction!
  2. Going to The Moab Off-Rodeo on Monday, March 18 and Looking for Ideas

    I’m going off of memory now. But I believe we started our morning around 930 and did kanes Creek to chicken corners and then back to town to catch a 1 PM flight
  3. Quick lube shop tech mentioned my 4x4 Mustang🤣

    Cold misty dreary rain. Bitching? No. Commenting. Just commenting on how the masses still don’t know much about these Broncos three years after the release. And that one of the newer employees at this establishment, thought my bronco logo was a mustang logo.
  4. Quick lube shop tech mentioned my 4x4 Mustang🤣

    This site draws out asses by the masses. 😂 But I don’t think you’re being an ass here. No, I’m not physically disabled. As stated in a previous post, I spent 5 to 6 years changing oil in my 20s. I was in the pit most days and worked on 400 cars a week. Went from there to being a Ford service...
  5. Quick lube shop tech mentioned my 4x4 Mustang🤣

    I will refrain from giving the name of the company. Because negativity begins when things hit this website. But most quick lubes will charge the same price as a regular oil change and note on the ticket customer oil and customer filter. $29.99 The biggest reason I go to the quick lube, is...
  6. Quick lube shop tech mentioned my 4x4 Mustang🤣

    Thanks man. Always at risk of judgement here. If I wanna give it I gotta take it. But I’ve always used Mobil 1 In everything for 20 years. I can be a little lazy with my frequency of oil changes and it was required oil for corvettes in the 90’s. My dad ran royal purple in his 7 second top...
  7. Finally got one

  8. Quick lube shop tech mentioned my 4x4 Mustang🤣

    I bring my own oil. My own filter. I always make them show me the filter gaskets. And I never let them replace whatever the drain pan bolt. I work 70 hours a week to pay for vacations and Broncos. I’m not dealing with the dealerships For my oil change. I wouldn’t call an oil change, wrenching in...
  9. Quick lube shop tech mentioned my 4x4 Mustang🤣

    Florida snow day. So I thought I’d get the oil changed in both trucks. Took the bronco first. After 5 min guy say. “This is a ford? Thought it was a jeep.” After some convincing I got them to start with 6 qrts. Instead of their computers 7. They were reluctant but I wasn’t going to let them over...
  10. Dealership broke off transmission pan bolt during inspection

    At 1200 miles I gave my bronco to the dealership I purchased from for the very first oil change. When I got it back, it had 4 1/2 miles on it and a chipped windshield. I was informed that I had no proof they did it. good help is hard to find and good dealerships even harder. I would guess…..
  11. Going to The Moab Off-Rodeo on Monday, March 18 and Looking for Ideas

    I did the Moab off rodeo A little over two years ago. There are other jeep rental places. I had arranged to have one waiting at the airport. If my memory serves correct, I believe the company I use was called Jenns jeeps. If I could recommend going anywhere, it would be the trail called chicken...

    I want to start by saying I ordered mine in mid April. 18 weeks later no communication from the Vivid racing. Despite calling and emailing my rep 4 times. At that point I began calling Anderson directly. Customer service was honest and helpful. Said more like 24-32 weeks. Called on week 26. They...
  13. Big Bronco Selection

    Glad to see dealers are going the extra mile again. And thank you for your service.