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  1. New Rear FS-15 SERIES DV8 bumper installed

    That addresses my next question in that I was going to ask if the LP protruding interfered with the driver's side BLIS sensor. But a Base doesn't have that problem.
  2. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Looks good. Also like the FP recovery points.
  3. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Interesting to see the comparison compared to OEM. I don't have intention of using it to mount an air compressor. But the gain in discreet storage may be worth it. Have to see if DV8 extends a Black Friday sale.
  4. Moving Up in the World

    Maybe. Hard to tell from that picture (not yours, but the dealer's flip-phone photo).
  5. Moving Up in the World

    Can't really tell from the photo. Figured there was no one left in this world still using a flip-phone other than The Stig. I was proven wrong. With regards to braces, some were bulky that "sandwiched" the tie rod. Those could easily be added/removed without needing an alignment. Then...
  6. Moving Up in the World

    Than the owner swapped the Sasquatch flares for the standard flares. That leaves the difference of the swap of the HD modular bumper for the 4WP winch bumper. Just know that without a camera relocation (which likely never happened), the winch will block the front camera. The tie rod brace is...
  7. Moving Up in the World

    There aren't any known issues with a MY'21 2.3L (regardless of trim). With regards to someone trading/selling a vehicle with the added modifications, there can be many reasons, but nothing that you should be alarmed about. Looking at the picture(s), I'm not convinced it was built with the...
  8. The Official Bronco6G Photo Challenge Game 📸 🤳

    I'm pretty sure @BigMeatsBronco wins this challenge. (IYKYK)
  9. What are you hoping for MY25?

    It's MY'25, what are your most desired changes/adjustments?
  10. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    What MY is your Bronco? Early MY'22, there was a short run of Bronco builds that had rusty trail sight bolts. There was an issue with the supplier's coating. Dealers were supposed to change out affected builds.
  11. Save 25% on Ford wheels and accessories through 5/5/2024 -- official discount code: WHEEL25

    I just checked the box with the TPMS and there are 5 (whew!). But there is also a learning tool. The TPMS in the factory wheels self-learn when rotating them. I wonder if these are different sensors or will these also self-learn?
  12. Where to buy plastic mesh/honeycomb fill for weather stripping

    The channels above are drains. If filled with closed-cell foam, then the efficiency of the drain is compromised. No big deal during the summer or warmer latitudes. But for those that live where it freezes, trapped water going through a freeze/thaw cycle might lead to damage. The mesh keeps...
  13. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    Night and Day difference. Just enough meat to make her happy. 😜
  14. The Official Bronco6G Photo Challenge Game 📸 🤳

    For those who opted for the ubiquitous Ford Grayscale Palette, you can just shoot in color. No one will know the difference. 😜
  15. 2024 Talking Rock Bronco Stampede, June 7-9 2024

    There was a posted map of the place that I didn't copy. Figured it was available at their website. The Adventure Park looked like it was right outside of Talking Rock. Still not sure what to expect of the whole event. But at least there are curated trails and not just a glorified Caffeine...
  16. 2024 Talking Rock Bronco Stampede, June 7-9 2024

    So this popped up on my feed tonight: J19 Adventure Park will have camping and trail rides.
  17. Missing Accessories / Parts in Bronco Aftermarket?

    Ah, the rarely seen Barn Door Bronco - with rear sliders to boot.
  18. Save 25% on Ford wheels and accessories through 5/5/2024 -- official discount code: WHEEL25

    Whew! Anxiety relieved. Picked up my set of wheels this morning. I'm so glad there were no problems and the FP center cap is perfect.
  19. 2024 Talking Rock Bronco Stampede, June 7-9 2024

    Well, I'll admit that I don't need much reason to venture to the mountains especially during the summer (close enough) in Florida. But with so many other locales to plan a trip north to, Talking Rock isn't making a strong case.
  20. Test drove 2024 Bronco Raptor today

    For the MSRP, I think it is fine. Any ADM on a Ranger Raptor doesn't make sense to me. As long as the F150 Raptor exists, then the RR will have a cap on it's value. The Braptor is a whole different category. IMO, the current MSRP is too high for it. I get Ford trying to take a bite of the...