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  1. 1Up bike rack, Kuat Pivot, Curt hitch - Sasquatch

    Innovative product, but even with a tailgate reinforcement I personally wouldn’t risk that much weight cantilevered off the tailgate.
  2. Got stuck on breakover angle and now multiple errors

    Not to be “that guy”, but there is a Road Closed sign and a pile of what looks more like gravel or asphalt millings than sand blocking the road. Perhaps someone should not give our community a bloody nose by not venturing into closed areas. I may get flamed for this comment, but when I lived...
  3. Any 285/75/17 on +30 offset photos

    Yes, crash bars are still there.
  4. Broken Arrow Trail - Sedona AZ

    I’d have to dig, but I have pictures from Broken Arrow in about 1998 in my 87 Bronco. I’m glad it’s still open!
  5. Portable electric impact driver - Who carries one ?

    Milwaukee M12 Stubby 3/8” impact rides with me. Smaller than M18 and plenty strong for lug nuts. I also carry a M12 light. I do have the M18 inflator onboard as well, so I could substitute in the M18 mid torque impact...
  6. What's with the manual trans hype?

    After crawling with a manual in my 87 Bronco for 20+ years I respectfully disagree. My Bronco is manual, but the amount of control I had driving an automatic at offroadeo was really impressive/effortless. I’m a die hard manual driver, but if I were crawling a lot anymore I’d consider the auto.
  7. At what speed do you shift your manual Bronco into sixth?

    I generally don’t use 6h gear under about 70 mph, and then only if it’s flat. If there is any grade I’ll be pulling full boost trying to climb any hill in 6th. I don’t have enough highway driving time on my Bronco to know how much of a fuel economy hit there is, but the truck seems happier in...
  8. Rivian shocks with R2, R3, R3X reveals! $45K starting price, 0-60 under 3 secs, 300+ miles range, NACS port

    Right at $50K, and $16K of that will come back in tax credits when I file for 2024. The math works out to a 6 year ROI and a cost per kWh of 16.5 cents. Electricity from the utility here is currently 37 cents per kWh, and seems to increase every year. Without factoring in for EV usage they...
  9. Rivian shocks with R2, R3, R3X reveals! $45K starting price, 0-60 under 3 secs, 300+ miles range, NACS port

    I’m shopping for an EV right now and also put down the $100 reservation on the new R2. With the $7500 federal and $3500 state incentives I can buy a Tesla Model Y long range AWD for under $40K out the door. Some other EV’s are in the similar price point, like the Mustang Mach E or the awesome...
  10. Dual Battery kits now in stock

    Very interesting, but very spendy. The last dual battery setup I did cost me under $200 plus the cost of the second battery.
  11. IAG V2 Steps

    They are sturdy and look good on the truck. The powder coating is holding up well, they still look like new. I haven’t tried using them as rock sliders, I would expect damage if I do in the future. I would like Greenlane to expand their aluminum offerings for the Bronco. A light weight winch...
  12. Auto Start/Stop Disable Install - What The??

    I did the ASS eliminator and the Kicker 200.4 with Plugnplaykits harness at the same time. That panel was kind of a bastard to remove, and the radio plugs were difficult to get back in the space with the adapters. The panel went back on just like before.
  13. Stuck in 4x4 after dead battery -SOLVED-

    No Forscan changes on mine. I don’t lock it in the garage. My folks have two cars that are in storage at my house 8 months each year. They have always disconnected the negative terminal and haven’t had any battery problems. They charge when they arrive and reconnect. Shockingly the battery...
  14. Stuck in 4x4 after dead battery -SOLVED-

    I usually plug in a 3.5 amp Ctek charger every couple of weeks on both my stored vehicles unless the battery is disconnected. I don’t like leaving them on the trickle charger all the time, I’ve seen the aftermath of a malfunctioning trickle charger that cooked a battery causing it to explode in...
  15. Stuck in 4x4 after dead battery -SOLVED-

    Mine isn’t stuck in 4x4, but after a month and a half of not using it the battery was down to 3.45 volts. I used my 7 amp Ctek charger for about 24 hours and the battery (surprisingly) seems ok. A week later I’m still getting all of these warnings when I start the truck. The truck is in the...
  16. Recovery gear deep dive: shackles, straps and kinetic ropes, what to buy!

    What I’m trying to encourage is that everyone have some basic recovery gear in their rig, and that it doesn’t have to be high dollar to work as needed. Plenty of guys are really happy with their Smittybuilt winch. They generally get the job done when called upon and aren’t unsafe, but they...
  17. Recovery gear deep dive: shackles, straps and kinetic ropes, what to buy!

    I don’t see good value in the Factor 55 kit, it’s too much money for a perceived glitzy name in offroad products. I’m not saying their products aren’t fine, but a 30‘ kinetic rope and two soft shackle isn’t worth $565. You can get kits from bubba rope or ASR for $325, both are considered top...
  18. STUCK and SMASHED Snow Wheeling 🫣 [VIDEO]

    You asked, I gave a longer explanation of my dislike of your content. Good day.
  19. STUCK and SMASHED Snow Wheeling 🫣 [VIDEO]

    I don’t care enough to dislike your video. I agree with your comment that your group is just out having fun and things broke, unlike some of the “influencers“ who break nice things for clicks. Reality TV is the demise of entertainment, and now everyone with a phone thinks they need to share...
  20. STUCK and SMASHED Snow Wheeling 🫣 [VIDEO]

    God, I hate youtubers.