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  1. Carpet removal on the rear seats

    Hmm, yeah can't say I can reconcile that price difference. I'm a 2 door guy and just didn't see much variance in my searches for those.
  2. Carpet removal on the rear seats

    Where are you sourcing yours to see such a price disparity? When I was shopping for mine I didn't find any significant price differences, certainly not in the realm of 2:1. To answer your question while I haven't physically inspected each offering when I was shopping I couldn't tell any...
  3. Ford Performance Rear Differential Cover Installed Impressions

    You got that right! Looks like it was designed by somebody that was given a $5K budget, a JC Whitney catalog, and 5 minutes to spend it. The cover *IS* sharp, though. Anyone paint (or powdercoat, etc.) one of these things or highlight the lettering and stuff? Looks great au naturel just...
  4. Oil Change Experience

    Perhaps at the dealer where you purchased your Bronco. Perhaps at mine as well but they are hundreds of miles away so I went to the closest Ford dealer and that policy was not available to me (nor did I expect it to be).
  5. 2023MY Standard Audio (6-speaker) Subwoofer Delete Mandatory and Functional Amps Removed

    All of your recent questions are addressed, and in considerable detail, within this thread.
  6. Year 23 Factory Sub Delete - Is amp there already and I can just add a sub?

    The IT person in me advises you to make one change at a time. It makes debugging so much easier if/when issues are encountered.
  7. Year 23 Factory Sub Delete - Is amp there already and I can just add a sub?

    Went back and looked at my invoice and turns out I bought the 4 ohm as well. Been a while. :)
  8. Year 23 Factory Sub Delete - Is amp there already and I can just add a sub?

    If it's any help it's much more likely that the retaining pins will break rather than the panel itself. Like with all of this stuff these days using a set of body panel tools for prying/popping makes the task easier and reduces (but doesn't eliminate) the chance of breaking those pesky pins.
  9. Oil Change Experience

    LOL, no, absolutely not nor would I expect it to be. Standard Ford fill of Motorcraft XO 5W30 BSP Synthetic Blend. Invoice attached.
  10. Oil Change Experience

    Just a data point - a couple weeks ago, on a Saturday, my "change oil" indicator popped up (I'd been waiting) for my first oil change. Booked at my local dealer through the FordPass app on my phone that day for Monday when they opened at 7 AM. Got there about 7:05 (traffic sucked) so had to...
  11. Mabett Cup Holder (Driver Door)

    Plus whatever is in the drink might spill inside the protective bag.
  12. Year 23 Factory Sub Delete - Is amp there already and I can just add a sub?

    Search really is your friend here but, horses and water and all that, I guess. my questions: 1) is there a factory enclosure I have to mount a sub to or does that need to be purchased? There is a factory enclosure. It has a non-functional subwoofer in it wired up to a non-functional subwoofer...
  13. Deer vs '23 Heritage Limited......

    My sister took out one with her Lexus sedan years ago. Hit the front clip, went up and came down on the front of the roof and blew out the windshield. When she came to (it was quite an impact) she freaked out as she was covered in blood as the glass just painted her face and exposed upper...
  14. 2 Door Hardtop Rear Defroster Connector Broken Off

    I think it really depends upon the dealership and the advisor. If you dig through here a bit you can find older threads with the same topic - connector breaks off, cust visits dealer, dealer says replace whole glass, glass BO'd for months . . . cust goes DIY route with mixed success . . ...
  15. 2025 Badlands Bronco will have Fox 2.5 inch live valve shocks (per Ford at NORRA Mexican 1000 race)

    . . . and takes back the Modular bumper from being standard, again, after having just only put it back on . . . possibly with a new and even more disappointing "updated" version of the "Capable" bumper that has just enough changes to make it incompatible with the few add-on's for it that have...
  16. FORScan Bronco Working Spreadsheet (double honk, sport mode, chimes, seatbelts, and more!)

    To my knowledge the audio-system generated "fake engine" noise feature wasn't introduced until the '24 MY. Or do you mean you want a V8?