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  1. Ground_zero298

    Michigan Bronco Club

    They gonna have real food this time or 2 bullshit food trucks like last year? Which one only sold donuts.
  2. Off road lighting advice please

    I pulled the strip out of the air deflector. That’s getting cut out and turned into true ram air. We’re just down to the 3 in the grill now.
  3. Jefferson Parish Police shows off their ORACLE-Equipped Bronco in Mardi Gras Parade!

    wtf is this weak ass light shit? No. My shits legit. I can light up a mile in a 360. Broncos with Rainbow lights. Wtf. check the hitches. Maybe a dildo on one of them.
  4. DV8 aluminum inner fender liner review

    They don’t really help with the temps. Trucks gonna run 190-200 regardless. It does help cool the exhaust a little and helps the truck cool down faster when off. But I’m running a fully vented hood too. Which transfers most my engine heat to the front window. So for the short answer...
  5. Weird voltage out put

    Thanks for the replies. Mines never behaved like that before. She was sitting in a lift for 2 months. I’ve babied it since putting it back together. It was doing it again when I left yoga today. I finally stood on it and red lined it. Now it’s holding at 14.5 with no fluctuation like...
  6. Weird voltage out put

    Noticed yesterday my voltage output was at 12.8 on the dash Verified by 3 other components in the truck. That’s at a stop or under throttle, any throttle. Now when the foots off the pedal and she’s coasting it shoots up to 14.8 which is where it’s normally at. Upon inspection I noticed my...
  7. 423 WHP Bronco Build TRX 4

    I’ll still be posting for the fox coil over issues with some point for easy shock removal and such. Not just gonna drop and run from the forums. Still like to see others work and progress.
  8. 423 WHP Bronco Build TRX 4

    Yep. Them 90lbs 35” mudders sucked the power out. Plus the procal tune was removed and jb4 unhooked for the stock numbers. We wanted to see if any of the mods advertised in the market made a difference. They don’t. Not without some help from a tune of some sort be it a procal, jb4 or another...
  9. 423 WHP Bronco Build TRX 4

    No shit man, only thing holding me back from the 500 mark is the fuel map. They put a hell of an encryption on the bronco. I know Hennessy sent an under cover bronco to ida and jacked their tune. If they burn there will be video!
  10. 423 WHP Bronco Build TRX 4

    X3 I sold when I got the bronco. Was 373 at the wheels.
  11. 423 WHP Bronco Build TRX 4

    Honestly I’m thinking about grabbing another x3 and modifying that. Would love to build a rock racer but that’s out of my budget. But that would be my dream build.
  12. 423 WHP Bronco Build TRX 4

    I’ve lost interest in the bronco to tell ya the truth. I use to check the forums 20 times a day just to keep up on current info and products. I never asked ida about raising the limiter. I think they asked me if I wanted too but I’m told them to leave it stock. I’m just waiting on accutune...

    I screwed right over the rubber cover. Don’t remember if it was bigger or not. Don’t have access to my truck right now to check.

    I screwed it to the existing pedal. They had some other form of mounting it but I’m lazy and don’t care about the screw heads. I just needed the extra bite for the pedal control. Was sick of my muddy boots sliding off of it. I did the same for the gas pedal and foot rest also. Ben running...
  15. Clean Radar Detector Install DIY

    First way I did it ended up vibrating to much. I went with the foam and glue to the visor. Been solid with that set up.
  16. Downpipes for 2.3L

    I know that was way back when the modding was beginning and someone was claiming the lower was only good for 400. Never saw or heard proof. I to figure it would be capable of out doing a 2.7. I know when I left ida I was 423 at the wheels on map 6. After meth was added I’m running map 7...
  17. Downpipes for 2.3L

    Early on people were claiming the 2.3 block will only hold 400 horse. Not sure if that’s been debunked or not.
  18. 2.7 engine cover installed

    Thumb screws https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B08VNW8MSB?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title Washers https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01HMAGEDM?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title