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  1. Muddy water fording alternator issue fix: TSB 22-2392 -- Mud Accumulation in Generator

    Many have experienced the charging system fault messages after fording through muddy water. It is a result of the excessive dirt/mud accumulating in the generator/alternator. Ford issued a TSB to address the issue.
  2. ⚠️ Steering Gear Safety Recall: DO NOT DELIVER OR DRIVE -- Wildtrak and Raptor Models (Built 8/30/22 - 3/1/23) [Update: VIN List Added]]

    Updated with affected VIN list: VIN LIST: https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/attachments/23s09-vin-list-pdf.476527/
  3. Yet Another - What Part Is This?

    Yesterday, I went for a little wheeling fun on the beach which of course mandated a cleaning before putting my Bronco to bed. I was very thorough on cleaning the undercarriage to rid it of salt and sand. When I was done, I pulled my Bronco into the garage and noticed this part that was laying on...
  4. KBD Flares In-Depth Install on Black Diamond with Kenda Klevor 35s

    Wanted to share with B6G on an excellent video showing the install of the KBD flares. The owner has a Black Diamond with the Kenda Klevor 35x10.5r17 on black steelies. These tires have been recommended by others who are looking to run a "pizza cutter". Besides tips and step-by-step...
  5. December 10, 2022 ~ Ol' Florida Event ~ 5th Anniversary of Florida Trail Stompers

    This is a "Wheel With What You Got" event. The Florida Trail Stompers are hosting the event at Ol' Florida. Nominal fee of $20 cash when you sign the waiver. Obviously, some trails will not accommodate a truck. But for all trails can be driven by 6G Broncos. Blue Rhino is probably the most...
  6. FIRST LOOK: Flush Style LED Tail Lights Painted Body Color

    With the creative vision and expertise of fellow B6G member @broadicustomworks , I present to the B6G community the first look at body color paint matched Oracle flush style LED tail lights. Dave can answer any questions on technique and cost, if you are interested. I also want to thank...
  7. Early Reservation Off-Roadeo Voucher ($250) Expiration?

    Does anyone have clarity if/when the voucher expires? I'm looking to attend in the spring, but am not sure if the voucher expires at the end of this year. If so, I would try to arrange my schedule to attend before the year ends.
  8. Ol' Florida Off Road Event - 10/16/22

    Heads up to any that are interested in attending. Jarrett Gordon Ford is hosting an event at Ol' Florida this coming Sunday. They have reserved the site and will provide catering. This will cost you nothing besides your gas and time to wheel in a fantastic location. You must RSVP by Monday...
  9. 2023 Bronco and Raptor Order Guide [Updated 12/1/22]

    What you all have been waiting for. The 2023 Dealer's Order Guide is available below. 2023 Bronco Order Guide - 12/1/22 2023 Bronco Order Guide - 9/19/22
  10. 2023MY Bronco Dealer Playbook released for reservation conversion, carry-over orders, COVP, price protection, Heritage Edition, allocations, dates

    The 2023 Bronco Model Year Dealer Playbook has been released. UPDATED WITH GREAT SUMMARY FROM @RagnarKon CARRY-OVER ORDERS Ford will automatically be copying over non-scheduled 2022 orders to the 2023 order banks. Much like the 2021-to-2022 carry over last year, these orders will be given...
  11. More 2023 Bronco changes confirmed: Base sound gets 7 speakers, HOSS 3.0 standard on Wildtrak, Azure Gray added, Cyber Orange removed

    Source: Ford’s live conference with dealer stakeholders yesterday. Note: The additional speaker is not a center dash speaker but rather the rear sub-woofer.
  12. Ol'Florida Blueberry Jam ~ May 13-15th ~ Tavares, FL

    Throwing out the reminder for those who are looking to attend the Blueberry Jam at Ol'Florida Offroad Park. Information and Tickets are available at Ol'Florida Offroad. It is being held May 13th through the 15th. @66bronco Micah can answer any specific questions.
  13. Sponsors Marketplace Sub-Forum bug

    @Administrator Yesterday, there was a problem with the restriction on members posting sponsor feedback in the Sponsor Feedback forum. You had rectified that problem. But I just noticed that when viewing only the Feedback forum, all the other Sponsor's sub-forums are marked read when they...
  14. North Florida - Jacksonville Caffeine and Octane Event - October 13th

    Heads up to any Bronco enthusiasts in the North Florida area, the local chapter of Caffeine and Octane is holding their monthly event at The Avenues on Saturday morning, October 13th. Special feature this month is the Ford Bronco.
  15. Support for The Stig - B6G Call to Action

    The time has come for the community to be called upon to support The Stig. We relied on The Stig and Miss Ashley when information wasn't as forthcoming from Ford and their marketing partner. We were seeking answers to a myriad of questions and those questions fell on deaf ears until The Stig...
  16. Overland Green Confirmed For 2022 Bronco?

    Not sure how credible the source is. But early in the spring, it was called Everglades Green which then became Eruption Green (confirmed 2022 GT500 color). It seems Ford has settled on Overland Green as the name for the 2022 Bronco VIDEO:
  17. Almost Seduced By The 4-Door Siren's Song -- 4WP Stage 1 Bronco on 2" lift, 35" Mickey Thompson Baja Boss tires & 17" Method wheels

    The other day, I had a unique opportunity to take an extended test drive (about 3 hours) of this 4-dr OBX in Carbonized Gray with 2.7L Lux Roast Leather Soft Top. It has been upfitted with the Stage 1 package that 4WP is offering which includes a 2" lift, 35" Mickey Thompson Baja Boss tires on...
  18. South Florida Enthusiasts - Week of 6/21/21 (next week) -

    Next Week in Miami area a 2-dr Cyber Orange Sasquatch Badlands will be making the rounds for dealer training. Kendall Ford was mentioned specifically, but there will be other dealers that will be visited. It will only be a few hours on a specific day so call your dealer to find out when their...
  19. Wheel Well Liner - Problems on the Bronco Sport - Problem for the Bronco?

    With the recent deliveries of the Bronco Sport, some owners have discovered that the wheel well liners are fabric. The cost cutting design isn't just relegated to the 1.5L Grocery Getter, but across all trims including the FE and Badlands. One owner had already tore out the liner when ice...
  20. VIN Search to Discover Date of Delivery (not Bronco)?

    General question that I'm hoping others may have an answer to - If I have a VIN can I find the date of delivery to the dealer?