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  1. Bronco Cheat Codes List

    I want the cheat code to stop the horn honking when I close my door while engine is still on... Money is on the table for this code!
  2. 2 Door Rear Storage Solution - Hard Case (Pelican Vault V700)

    Most excellent! Thank you for this information. Ordered mine today!
  3. Introducing El Bandito: 1,000 Horsepower Ford Bronco Baja Runner [Video Added]

    Yeah, I like the 2-door truck concept. When do we gat a 2-door truck Bronco? 2-Door Bronco Truck Please! (1kHP optional)
  4. 2.7L Tick on cold start up

    Chat with Ford service manager. Her Bronco does this too. Cam Phaser needs replacing. Go see Ford and get it fixed.
  5. Bricked Again! - Second Time. Anyone Else?

    Lightning Struck Twice - Bricked AGAIN! *Automatic Update was disabled* Tech is doing a deep dive this time to track the problem and not just charging the battery (which it was 12.5V at the time of failure). System is totally nonresponsive, except for the alarm... that works well every time...
  6. Issues Dashboard peeling due to sun heat

    does someone put their bare feet up on your dash, maybe with some heel lotion? Looks looks heel marks to me.
  7. X-Plan clarification

    Yes, correct; however, if it were eligible, it's still dealer discretion.
  8. X-Plan clarification

    X-plan is dealer discretion for any model. Bought a ranger last year and was not allowed to use X-plan because of the limited inventory. Low inventory has been the most often used reason why a dealer will not accept X-plan for purchase.
  9. Bricked Again! - Second Time. Anyone Else?

    Update: Finally got my Bronco back from the dealer. Was told that the battery was dead... Solution: Charge the battery. Also, they had to reset the PCM and make sure the software update was correct. Likely culprit: Was told that the OTA might have left a module running resulting in a drain...
  10. Bricked Again! - Second Time. Anyone Else?

    I figured this would be the most likely if it were related to the update. No clue now. It'll be days before the dealer can even scan the ECM/ECU to troubleshoot. The software OTA peeps confirmed that it was a successful update to my Bronco specifically. Not sure what that means exactly other...
  11. Remote key fob / touch unlock issue

    There should be a spot that has a lock symbol toward the forward part of the handle. Only that spot should be touched to lock. Pulling or placing your hand on the inside of the handle (away from the lock icon) should unlock the door.
  12. Bricked Again! - Second Time. Anyone Else?

    Wrecker service came by to remove the paperweight. He tested both the battery and key fobs. Both were fine, but the Bronco was a total brick. Cannot put the truck in neutral w/o power to the system. Has to flatbed transported when this type of failure happens. Sucks, but I hope it's just me...
  13. Bricked Again! - Second Time. Anyone Else?

    Maybe... On the phone with the software OTA peeps now. "update was successful," so not our fault. They are looking into roadside service and scheduled maintenance at a dealership. Not fun...
  14. Bricked Again! - Second Time. Anyone Else?

    Update: Not even a boost charger is helping. Yes, and you are correct. Followed the procedure, still holding 13.5V. Brick...
  15. Bricked Again! - Second Time. Anyone Else?

    Ran prefect until this morning. Dead as a doornail. No response from anything except the alarm system. Technician said it might be the battery. 13V to crank and 3V for the alarm. Sure enough 12.5V on the battery (measured correctly this time). The truck is less than 1 year old, and had zero...
  16. I (you) wish the Bronco came with…?

    I wish it came with a twin. Something about two at the same time...
  17. Spent the week in Moab. 5.22-5.28

    The Moab trails are not state or national parks. Drones are allowed. There are several state parks that do not allow drones in Utah, but the trails are open range.
  18. Spent the week in Moab. 5.22-5.28

    We just did the Off-Roadeo the weekend before. We did the Kokopelli trail and stopped at that same cave. We had a fun time, highly recommend Moab to anyone wanting to do some trails.