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  1. Interesting Orange Bronco sighting at the body shop today.

    During my work day I had to pick a freshly painted cab for a dump truck. I did not expect to see this when I walked in the door. 😯 IT’S NOT YELLOW !!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Well it was at one time. The owner of the shop was doing minor altercations. …….installing 66 Bronco tail lights. Thought it was...
  2. The "Baus" Bronc

    Boy, I really needed to get this going, packages just keep arriving. :LOL: It has been a long (Aug of 2020 res) time coming but the Bronc has finally arrived !!!!!! 2DR 2.7 Base Squatch in Shadow Black. Or as I like to term a "Basetrak". All the thrills with none of the frills !!!!! Those...
  3. 3 Rock Donkey Tips 😁

    Brad Lovell having fun in San Felipe. His tips are spot on. Same thing I learned years ago and have taught my son. Stay on top the rocks!!! ;) 🤣🤣🤣 Surgical Inertia !!!!! :LOL::LOL::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::LOL::LOL:🤪🤪
  4. Clips from Bailey Cole Racing.

    Found this surfing utube. Some cool shots of his 4600 rippin' wheelies in the turns. And with the Jeeps he looks like he hits the afterburner. :LOL: There are clips of a Bomber he raced in the 4400 class mixed in. I'm gonna have soooooooo much fun in my 2DR when I get it. 😁
  5. Watch the 4600 Broncos @ Legends of the Fall

    If anyone is interested in seeing the 4600 Broncs in action, the Legends of the Fall, the final race of the season, was in Jay OK today. Brad Lovell interview at 12:47. Loren Healy interview at 54:00. Racing action starts at 57:00. The racing action was awesome. You can really see how...
  6. Ultra4 racing at Moab

    In case anyone is interested Ultra4 racing is on Saturday. You can watch our buddy Brad Lovell rip it up!!!!! He qualified 10 seconds ahead of number 2. Link...... www.ultra4racing.com
  7. Ultra4 Every Man Challenge today.

    Watch the 4600 Broncos compete in the EMC. Thought I would post the link in case anyone wants to watch. Starts at 11AM est. The Bronc's will start shortly after. you tube link...... Ultra4 link................ https://ultra4racing.com/ultra4-racing-live
  8. Vaughn Gittin Jr. testing the 4600 Class Ford Bronco

    Found this little video of Vaughn and Loren testing the new 4600 Bronco and thought some here might enjoy it. These will be racing at KOH this upcoming weekend. One thing I did notice about the portals is the coilover is no longer inside the UCA. The UCA is in front of the coilover...
  9. Watch Nicole Johnson drive a 4400!!

    With the 2022 KOH coming up I found this and don't remember seeing it around here. Good watch, about a half an hour long. Nicole was a monster truck driver so she no nub to an off-road rig. ;) Heavy rock trail is Aftershock. KOH competitors will be traveling the same trail every lap. 😁

    Just saw this on Loren Healys IG. Great to see everything becoming available for the Bronc. Some one asked in the comments if it was because he broke a stock axle from putting 37's on it. He replied he had not broken one yet but they would be needed with 37's.
  11. Who wants to pony up??

    Found this last night surfing the interweb. It does say in stock. And has a vin #. Thought about calling them just to see what's up?? Mannequin ??? Reservation holder back out ????? What I am trying to figure out is the in stock thing. Didn't think they have built any for sale yet. OKTB...
  12. June 11Th - June 12Th Ultra 4 Big Sky 200

    Next Ultra4 event is coming up June 10th -12th. Watch it live !!! If you want to watch, here is the link to the Ultra4 Website feed with the times. Ultra4 Racing LIVE! | Ultra4 Racing I have not confirmed if Brad will have the 4600 Bronco there but it is still fun to watch the off road...
  13. 4600 class Broncos in Ultra4 Race @ San Felipe this weekend

    Wanted to make sure this info gets posted. Ultra 4 in San Felipe this weekend. 4600 class Broncos with Brad Lovell, Amsoil, and Ford Performance. Kick A$$ guys !!! Watch it live this week end !!!!!! https://ultra4racing.com/ go to live show link. ROCK ON !!!!!
  14. Bronco Competition ??

    Found this video of another 4600 class competitor for the Bronco when it starts racing Ultra4. In car video of a complete lap at the recent 4600 class Ultra4 event at Moab. Love the spot at lower Helldorado where the ledge is at tall as the truck. Also how driver has the co driver working the...
  15. 3 weeks away !!!!!

    So for those that know, this will be boring :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:. 3 weeks from today THE MOST AWESOME off-road race will be held. KING OF THE HAMMERS. IMO, better than Baja. If you don't know about KOH, It is by far the toughest, the roughtest, the most brutal off road race held. I always look...
  16. Santa left some swag !!

    Hope everyone's Christmas is going well. Santa left some cool swag under our tree this morning !!!!!!
  17. Sta bar games

    Found this on FB. Didn't know if posted somewhere else so thought I should post like this. Healy is playing with the sta bar disco. :ROFLMAO:
  18. Rock on !!!

    Since we got booted. thought I would try this @EvlNvrDys It's a shame that thread was at 120 pages !!! Just thought I would start one back up. Reaction score tanked. :ROFLMAO: Watching S&M Metallica while posting here right now.(y)(y) trying to fly under the radar.
  19. 30 second ad for the reveal ???

    Maybe this was brought up before but I haven't seen it yet. I was just watching the local news (ABC) and surfing here and heard a sound that I have heard recently and looked up and it was a Bronco screaming across the screen with a cloud of dust behind it. It was a 30 second spot for the reveal...
  20. Hello from PA !!!!!

    Hi all !!!! The name is Paul. just a simple guy from PA who bleeds Ford blue since a teenager (now in my 50's). Only have a TJ because we needed something for the wife to drive while I was building custom log homes all across our great country, we don't live in the big city and I didn't like...