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  1. Conquering the Ocala National Forest: A Bronco Adventure with Muddy Mishaps and Shelter Lessons

    We see bears everytime we drive in the forest. We saw two last spring when we were out there.
  2. Crashed Mine... 45mph T-Bone [Updated w/ Photos]

    So sorry and hope you recover quickly. That injury sounds painful!
  3. Cheap modular bumper

    Please give us a review! I have the capable bumper on my Badlands and I'm interested in getting a bull bar or brush guard. I can't find one that will work with my bumper.
  4. Bronco @ SEMA 2023 Debuts ORV Package, Beach Bronco Concept, Vinyl Wrap Program

    I like that beach vinyl stripe, but I would like it better if it didn't say Bronco on it. I already have that word on my vehicle.
  5. 4H/Slippery on Highway

    I would suggest not doing that.
  6. Southern Girl

    N.E Florida Bronco Club

    @Lowdogg I think we would still be without power except our power lines fell down and caught our power pole on fire in the middle of our planted pines. The power company came right out and had it fixed in a few hours. My neighbor (we are all farms out here, so it's "neighbor") still doesn't have...
  7. Southern Girl

    N.E Florida Bronco Club

    @sameoldeddie I hope it makes landfall somewhere less populated, although I would much rather that it just turned around and left us alone :cautious:
  8. Southern Girl

    N.E Florida Bronco Club

    For any of you in the path of Idalia, we are near Cedar Key so we are already getting the outer bands way up here (or early storms spawned by it, not sure?). Anyway, I just wanted to pop on and wish everyone well through this hurricane. I'm in Alachua County and it's going to get very windy here.
  9. Sasquatch vs not, for "soccer mom use"

    This is what I did on my 21 obx, but I kept the wheels. I also got a one inch lift.
  10. Sasquatch vs not, for "soccer mom use"

    Yeah. Women are stupid and stuff.
  11. Diminished Value Amount after accident?

    I'm sorry someone hit you. It's the worst. Take care of yourself.
  12. Not happy with RokBlokz

    I've had good customer service from them. Try emailing them. They got right back to me when I had a question.
  13. Our Dangerous "Advanced" Bronco Wipers

    Are you saying that made your wipers move faster?
  14. Carplay / Android auto issues - a survey

    I use carplay and have an iPhone 13. When I'm in a poor signal area I have trouble connecting to Carplay. I was just on vacation and I had to make my Bronco forget my phone and reconnect it to get it to work. A system message came up and told me to do it. I did not have a bad signal at the time...
  15. Southern Girl

    N.E Florida Bronco Club

    Ah, the mountains of north central Florida.
  16. Should he be offended…

    This is why we should divide Florida into two states. :LOL:
  17. Southern Girl

    N.E Florida Bronco Club

    @Dan D. I live back in the woods and my road regularly has more water than in those pictures when we are blessed with plenty of rain, so I have no doubt any Bronco could make it down those roads. Do you have some Lochloosa WMA trails on your list? Those roads get very fun during rainy season. My...
  18. Southern Girl

    N.E Florida Bronco Club

    Bison are in Paynes Prairie. So you are going driving through state park land?