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  1. Another ZFG Racing tuned 2.7 Bronco with bolt-ons hits 400whp!

    First of all, shout out to Adam @ZFGracing for allowing me to join the beta program at the last minute and also for all the hard work making this happen. This thing runs flawlessly and is honestly way more fun than I could’ve ever imagined. Also thanks to @MWILD for all the help and support...
  2. SSM 52470: 2021-2024 Bronco - Loss Of Window Initialization (one-touch up / down function)

    Looks like Ford is removing the short drop window function now for some Broncos due to an issue with the windows losing initialization. Which is also probably why the SSM saying they were working on making the feature backwards compatible with older models was removed a few weeks ago also...
  3. TSB 23-2219 - MT88 Manual Transmission - No 3rd Gear And/Or Grinding Noise Going Into 3rd And/Or 4th Gear

    This TSB came out about a month ago, but here is the information for anyone interested or that has this concern. While similar, this is a separate issue from the other 5th/6th gear synchronizer TSB and doesn't appear to cause grinding/noise except for the specific gear engagement listed.
  4. MIC Hardtop Delamination Issue now covered in General Service Bulletin -- Bronco Roof Concern Analysis -- 9/27/23 Update

    Just an FYI, Ford has updated the GSB about Bronco roof concerns to include delamination issues. General Service Bulletin Download[PDF]: https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/attachments/bronco-roof-concern-analysis-pdf.569300/ Delamination of hard top outer layer (Warrantable) • Raised patches on...
  5. 23S44 Recall - Certain 2023 Model Year Bronco Automatic Transmission Assembly Replacement

    Quite possibly the most ridiculous and funny recall I’ve ever seen. A whopping 2 Broncos have a recall for transmission replacement 😂
  6. Demo/Delivery Hold - Certain 2023 2.3L Broncos Recommended Engine Replacement (Build Dates Dec 3-5, 2022)

    Very small build window for Bronco luckily, so I doubt very many are affected at all, but just thought I would share anyway. For anyone looking to check to see if their 2.3 is affected, you can visit https://www.ford.com/support/recalls
  7. Safety Recall 22S77 - Side Impact Sensor Retaining Stud and Nut Inspection

    New safety recall launched today for: 2021 Bronco built February 19, 2021 through September 16, 2021 2022 Bronco built September 1, 2021 through September 3, 2021 (Possible typo, build dates don’t seem correct) REASON FOR THIS SAFETY RECALL: In some of the affected vehicles, the side impact...
  8. New SSM 51014 released by Ford explaining 2.7 engine dipstick confusion

    As the title says, Ford just released a new SSM yesterday to hopefully clear up some of the confusion about the incorrect oil dipstick for the 2.7 that some people were ordering.
  9. Illinois Sold: 2022 Ford Bronco Wildtrak Takeoffs

    Set of 5 - 2022 Ford Bronco Wildtrak Takeoffs Includes: 5 wheels/tires with TPMS sensors and 4 center caps. Only driven about 200 miles. $2500 firm. Will not ship. No trades Located near Marengo, IL Wheels: 17x8.5” +30mm offset Tires: Goodyear Territory MT - LT315/70R17
  10. Illinois Sold: Heretic 20" Bumper Light Bar (Clear)

    Brand new and unopened. Only selling because I decided to go with a different light. Paid $495, will ship anywhere in the lower 48 states for $475.
  11. Illinois Sold: Icon Vehicle Dynamics 3" Spacer Lift- Works for SAS or Non-SAS

    Brand new and unopened, just decided to go a different route. Paid $420, will ship anywhere in the lower 48 states for $390 firm.