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  1. 2025 Badlands Bronco will have Fox 2.5 inch live valve shocks (per Ford at NORRA Mexican 1000 race)

    It's gonna end up $72k...hell my 2022 as a 2024 is $68k. My MSRP was $58700.
  2. Rough Country Sliders - review / feedback?

    I think I'm going with the RC ones to replace my OEM rails. I'm really just wanting them as steps, protection from slinging rocks and maybe it'll keep clowns from hitting my doors.
  3. 2024 Bronco Super Celebration East…who’s attending?

    heads up if you can't get in at Trailhead Steak and Trout which is amazing then that Apple Valley place about a mile past it is very good. If taking the drive to Gatlinburg at breakfast hours absolutely 100% eat breakfast at Crockett's Breakfast Camp, probably my favorite place to eat. I almost...
  4. Build your Bronco now to compare costs

    yup, mine was MSRP $58k paid $52k through SAC and price protection and now it's like $66k. absolutely insane.
  5. Filling up gas using handle lever lock won't hold

    Mine did that on last fill up but never did previously. I don't drive it often, 3500 miles in almost 2 years... so that tank was actually November of last year, lol. I'm due up for gas my next drive and will test again.
  6. New car suggestions

    The transmission issues were resolved many, many years ago. My wife dailies a Frontier with close to 140k miles on it. It's only ever had oil changes and tires. If I were buying now I absolutely would not hesitate and I'm really hoping the Xterra gets revived based off the new Frontier. They are...
  7. New car suggestions

    Nissan Frontier Pro-4X loaded can be had under $50k. It's the best midsized truck based off a tested platform that doesn't rely on that turbo nonsense. If you just want to spend $60k you can mail me the difference.
  8. 🚨 4Runner Official Debut - Info, Specs, Pics, Videos + First Look Reviews

    The more I see it the more I don't like it. I think it looks like a beefy RAV4. If I were in the market I think I would be snatching up a 2024 while they're still around, much better looking. I'm still really wanting to see what/if Toyota offers something shorter like an FJ. I would really...
  9. 📸 2025 4Runner Leaked: New Competition Revealed

    If I can get a TRD Off-Road Premium a couple years after launch below $45K then I'll be interested. This was commonplace just a couple years ago.
  10. Bronco Market Share down to 25%, while Jeep is 40% and 4Runner 35%

    buddy if mine just bought a new TRD Off-Road Premium instead of opting to wait. His reasoning was the NA engine and not having to wait for the bugs to be taken care of with a new launch vehicle. I will be buying the new 4runner but will be at least 2 model years out, that is unless the rumored...
  11. Bronco Market Share down to 25%, while Jeep is 40% and 4Runner 35%

    I built my exact Bronco I paid $52k for in summer of 2022 and it's currently around $65k. There is absolutely no way I would pay that for a Bronco. There are far too many options that are cheaper, better built and more reliable in the long run. The absolute top end on these things should be $50k...
  12. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    wow, so the Town and Country guy is still the only person that's gotten a top still?
  13. My Baby is Finally Home... After Being Shot at and Crashed

    excellent. Glad you made it out okay and nice to see your ride restored. The world we live in now is insane with such little value placed on life.
  14. My Baby is Finally Home... After Being Shot at and Crashed

    What happened to the road rage guy? hopefully multiple felonies and locked away for a long time.
  15. 2025 4Runner (6th Gen) Official Teasers! [Updated with 2nd Teaser: Roll Down Rear Window]

    This gonna cost me some money in a couple years...I'm really hoping for Xterra based off new Frontier to come back when it's time.
  16. Cheap interior, build quality for $70k

    Go look at the build quality of that $400k Lambo crossover thing then come back and complain about a $20 piece of trim.
  17. Anyone financing? What rates are you getting?

    3% 6/22, I owe right at $20k now. I think when we get it to the last $5-10k we will cut a check and pay it off. Wife gonna want a redesigned 4Runner or FJ when they come out.
  18. How to tell if its MGV vs Leather without window sticker…

    I've sat in every Bronco trim from base to FE and I personally think mgv is the best, most comfortable etc. Your butt might think different if driving with the top off but I probably never will.
  19. OEM Hardtop available as accessory part ... here it comes.

    bruh, got mine hanging up in the Bronco. My wife loves it, used in camping at Cades Cove last fall. As far as the hard top is concerned I wouldn't touch it unless quality has improved. What's the warranty look like?
  20. Bronco EV reportedly on hold until early next decade (⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS)

    The little EV fad, experiment or whatever it was a spectacular disaster. I said on this very forum a well over a year ago that it would die off because of lack of infrastructure mainly. I also simply don't want to plan trips around my charge or lack of and having to sit in a random Walmart...