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  1. Greetings From NY

    Welcome and congrats
  2. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Took my spare off… getting ready to make a delete for it. Just not a fan of them hanging off the back.
  3. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    I feel like at least a couple thousand, I hadn’t checked with Carvana or any of those lately, but 6 months ago they were more than $10k over what they gave me for it. It’s all good though, and definitely not trying to give them a negative review. At least they didn’t reorder a cancelled order...
  4. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    Traded a 22 bronco for my 23… feel like they were low as far as my trade was concerned, but oh well. Also, no one brought up anything about price protection or any of that jazz, not sure if I was supposed to or not. Nothing bad to say about them or anything, just not overly impressed with my...
  5. No network connection error

    Figures, swapped the 22 that wasn’t supposed to be built (crooked dealer), but never had a single issue, for the 23 that was and having these issues in the first two weeks… lol
  6. Rig Is Finally Coming Home

  7. AR | TETON Ti - Premium Titanium Wheel Hardware

    They’re titanium… pretty sure they won’t rust
  8. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    Nothing here either. I did send her an email though.
  9. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    Got the same email… also unsure as to call or be called. 🤷‍♂️
  10. Sas wheels painted , advice needed

    Think I’d have gone with a chrome/silver look, rather than the gold. Flashy but matches with the white better in my opinion.
  11. Erock

    Alabama Bronco Club

    Yeah, that’s close enough that I’ll be checking it out.
  12. Erock

    Alabama Bronco Club

    Maybe Choccolocco mountain has some lower level stuff. Probably wouldn’t try Morris mountain though.
  13. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    It’s been so damn long I’ve forgotten most of the dates… 🤣
  14. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    I’d imagine, if an article or whatever said “it didn’t matter”, what they really meant was… it doesn’t matter as long as they are all the same. There are times you can wire out of phase based on distance and so on, but in something as small as a car/truck that’s usually only done with the subwoofer.
  15. DV8 aluminum inner fender liner review

    The RC’s are pretty badass
  16. DV8 aluminum inner fender liner review

    They look great, I just don’t want lighting there. I’d rather have lighting under the rockers.
  17. DV8 aluminum inner fender liner review

    Love the utility of it. Probably do something like those at some point… just without the lights.
  18. Crap, Crap, Crap, now I have 2 Bronco's on the way...

    I moved my reservation from my local dealer to do the deal with Chapman… complete process including another $100 deposit with them and the refund of deposit locally. The local dealer decided to resubmit the order they had under my name and “mark it up $15k-$20k”. While it got built back in the...
  19. Where to get these graphics?

    No idea about that one. There was a guy on the forum, from Colorado I think, that has a smaller business that I wanted to do business with. I can’t remember who it was, but they seemed open to doing custom graphics. Seems it was over a year ago that I talked to them… so