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  1. Beating up a Badlands in Disney, Oklahoma

    Hey y’all, I started a YouTube channel a few months back and most of it is muscle car focused, but a buddy and I are trying to build up an off-road side of the channel too. Anyways, I made this short video of him down in Disney of a pretty gnarly waterfall climb. Hope you like the video. The...
  2. Waited a year for this! (Post arrival) -- Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT tires + Fifteen52 Traverse HD wheels

    I’ll eventually be working on a detailed build thread, but for now I wanted to at least share this. Got the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT’s from the shop that did the work (Anderson Auto in Olathe, KS), who also threw on a 1” level. Got the Traverse HD’s from fifteen52’s site on Black Friday...