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  1. Metalcloak full skid plates system preview look

    That looks incredible holy shit. Just when I gave up hope there would be a sweet skid system sooner rather than later….
  2. BF front bumper fits 2.7

    This is the only front bumper I like so far. I cringe on how much it will probably cost but I’ll bite the bullet for something I actually like.
  3. *Look away Dave Ramsey enthusiasts* -- Buying Bronco with cash out home refinance?

    How much things have changed lol. Actually just got licensed as a mortgage loan officer and honestly if I had the equity I probably would still follow through with this plan but I’m just a little shy LTV wise. But I value cash flow over everything, finances are really an opinion there is no...
  4. 2022 Bronco Price Protection Announced

    Hey guys, just got some additional info! Just to clarify there are no price changes for options and packages so price protection won’t be needed. Just wanted to make sure everyone was aware!
  5. Bronco vs Rivian R1T Pics!

    Got these images out of the blue, pretty cool comparison! Honestly makes the Rivian seem a bit smaller than I thought initially. Definitely a bit less ostentatious than the Tesla offering as well lol.
  6. Broken Bronco seen on Facebook

    Bingo. I don’t want my tie rods stronger than the rack. I can trail repair/replace an end… not so much with the rack itself. Same as the axle shafts, easier to replace a shaft than a diff.
  7. 🗓 2022 Bronco order bank opens October 13!

    “Beware all who trust a car salesman” close enough? 🤣🤣🤣
  8. 🦖 Bronco Raptor Officially Confirmed and Teased by Ford!

    Can confirm. I posted about it almost 2 years ago.
  9. John Bronco rides again!

    I got a heads up that this was just sent to dealers! The famous Bronco pitchman is at it again! Check out this exclusive pre-screening of Imagine Documentaries “John Bronco Rides Again” available until 12:01am EST on Monday September 13, when it officially debuts on Hulu. Link...
  10. In this relationship with Ford are we essentially the spouse that gets cheated on and consoled with gifts?

    I don’t know how many of these threads we need. Either switch to a soft top, accept you’ve got at LEAST a 6 month wait if you don’t have a VIN and wait for the MIC top, or go buy another vehicle. That’s why Ford made it clear that there will be no more hard top VINS for the year. It’s really not...
  11. 📬 9/2 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    I know I read somewhere that they expected to have stock units as soon as the end of the 2021 MY… so I’d say that’s a safe bet.
  12. 📬 9/2 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    Best wake up email EVER! Base, 2.7, Sasquatch!
  13. First 2021 Bronco solid front axle (SFA) swap + 40's!

    Well, a madman has done it. A bronco on 40’s and with a SFA swap! He says tons of other plans to come, I’m most curious about the link geometry and how it all came together. Looks pretty sweet!
  14. Eruption Green & Hot Pepper Red Metallic coming for 2022 Bronco. Antimatter Blue, Lightning Blue and Rapid Red Going Away

    I love that green. Cyber Orange on base is sick as well, if my soft top ends up not being built I’ll probably switch.
  15. News: 2022 Bronco Wildtrak Will Get Soft Top Standard in MY22

    Changing the price that’s already been set, adding complexity etc. isn’t going to help while Ford is trying to get things rolling for the next few months. Adding it for a new model year makes a lot more sense since those things are going to be changing anyways. (Also with other commodity...
  16. Livestream to discuss tops at 5:00 Eastern today!

    It’s been basically confirmed.
  17. Livestream to discuss tops at 5:00 Eastern today!

    Bingo. As Brittany from Light Brite said about Solid axle vs. IFS, everything is give and take. Bronco is the same way, at least we all have a general idea of the future now.
  18. Livestream to discuss tops at 5:00 Eastern today!

    It's not a guarantee but it is a way to jump the line ahead of where keeping the MIC top will put you.
  19. Livestream to discuss tops at 5:00 Eastern today!

    ... I mean that's the answer. If you want it sooner, and you don't have a VIN, that is literally the only practical way. Me telling Ford what a "better" idea is isn't going to change that.
  20. Livestream to discuss tops at 5:00 Eastern today!

    What would you have preferred I do? "This is Bronco6G's demands, if we don't get them then we are going to be very angry and go buy a jeep instead?" As I said in the stream, Ford has decided the path forward. Our goal was to get clarity, answer some questions, and help people plan out what...