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  1. Turn Offroad Aftermarket Hard Top for the Win!!

    I’m still quite happy with mine as well. I’m selling my soft top next Friday and was searching for the roll bar brackets. They were still on the bronco hiding under the TOR top! I was able to loosen the bolts with vise grips and remove the brackets with the hard top still in place.
  2. Comprehensive Roof Rack Comparison 5/2024

    I had the RAKET when I still had a soft top. It was so damn loud. I took it off, and took a 50% hit selling it off. I cannot even tell the TrailRax is up there noise-wise. The "ugly" part is not normally something that would bother me, but it really isn't great looking, and its REALLY heavy in...
  3. Mountains2Metal's New Flip Down Attic Shelf

    Cool solution, but seems like you'd only be able to flip that down if your upper shelf was rather empty.
  4. Comprehensive Roof Rack Comparison 5/2024

    I do see on the expedition one rack where they have a way to pivot the rack out of the way, but absolutely no real world reviews I can find and no good video reviews of that function in action. When I put my Turn Offroad top on and a TrailRax on top of it, I kind of just accepted the fact that...
  5. Affordable basic transportation models for 4x4 vehicles

    Wranglers have ALWAYS been ridiculously overpriced in my opinion. It was especially obvious when the Bronco first hit the market and the Wrangler sport was MORE expensive than the Bronco base and not nearly as capable, and still had roll up windows and no A/C and very little modern conveniences...
  6. Need to cover / block off A pillar vent

    Try black gaffers tape

    God I wish someone would help us "non-racing" camping/overlanding folk through these suspension choices. I rarely if ever haul-ass in my Bronco, and what i really need is a smoother ride for 20-45mph trail cruising speeds, not the 50+. I've stuck with the ESC-V Bilsteins because I think...
  8. GPS roof mount & overhead panel kit- what are your thoughts?

    TrailRecon made a decent attempt at making that his primary mapping device. He felt it was too inflexible and went back to OnX or Gaia on an iPad.
  9. Aces High Rear Bumper by Metal-tech 4x4 - Full Modular System - Build Out As You Wish

    Go blow your departure angle and see how much of your stock bumper is left afterward.
  10. Pulling Telematics Modem Fuse 20 under dash

    I admire your commitment, and while I'm quite capable technically I'm always so skeptical on the effort to outcome of this kind of privacy.
  11. 2025 Badlands Bronco will have Fox 2.5 inch live valve shocks (per Ford at NORRA Mexican 1000 race)

    Considering those Bilstein ESC-V shocks are also on the TRD Off-Road packages, I'm thinking this might also be balancing suppliers.
  12. HAM Radio on Dash

    I finally got around to copying your placement and I'm extremely happy with it. I'm not sure the adhesive pad will hold over time, but if it lets go i'll put a couple short self tapping screws thru.
  13. California 2021 4DR OEM Soft Top $300

    Bumping this, price drop to $300, still available. Summer is almost here :D
  14. BRONCO SEVERE DUTY STEERING UPGRADE KIT now available from Ford Performance Parts!

    I want to do this eventually, but I'm not in a terribly hurry. Is anyone maintaining a list of dealers and shops that will do these FPP solution installs?
  15. In LOVE with the Bronco! Want to leave car...

    Well the advice above me is all saying go for it, which I would also echo but I think you deserve some dissenting advice as well. I found getting around in the Midwest (read: Chicagoland for 3 years) to be a pretty dismal affair. In fact the weather is why i got the hell out of there. If you...
  16. Cell signal booster or GMRS radios

    List out more of your criteria. You just says comms, you don't have say who you're communicating to. Satellite comms are really nice, especially in a true emergency HAM is flexible, and certain solutions can even fully cooperate with GMRS GMRS is cheap and simple weboost can make your cell...
  17. Baja Wheeling + Bronco Knoll & Joshua Tree

    If you enjoyed this trip, don't ignore their 4Lo Fiesta trips. Literally the best time I've ever had wheeling.
  18. BFGoodrich KO3 All Terrain Tire Launches as Successor to KO2

    The Squatch tire size isn't even available out of the gate? Am I missing something?
  19. Turn Offroad hardtop - how to get rid of the smell inside?

    I've had mine since last January, and there is still some lasting smell, but I also have had very little chance to air it out. not sure what'll really finish it off. It doesn't bother me anymore though.