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  1. Buying a Bronco from Michigan and driving it home to Alabama. How can I prevent future rust?

    FWIW, the only steel body panels on the Bronco are the rear quarters and the floor is also steel. The rest are aluminum.
  2. The Official Bronco6G Photo Challenge Game 📸 🤳

    East of Waldron Arkansas. We put a total of 580 miles on the Bronco chasing clear skies today.
  3. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    Eclipse watching east of Waldron Arkansas.
  4. 2023 Bronco DR off-road racer sells for $440,000 at Barrett Jackson

    Barrett Jackson Scottsdale auctioned a 2023 Bronco DR off-road race truck for a hammer price of $400,000. That’s $440,000 with the buyers premium.
  5. 2021 Bronco Base DIED WHILE DRIVING today

    You should file an incident with the NTSHA. The entire incident is concerning but especially the loss of braking.
  6. Heritage dilemma

    I think you’re comparing apples and oranges. What do you want? The regular heritage represents real value compared to the Big Bend that it is based on. The limited gives you exclusivity (whatever that’s worth) along with premium features at a cost of $18,000 more.
  7. Latest 2024 Bronco Production Key Commodity Constraints + Total Retail Unscheduled Orders (12/4/23)

    Last week’s commodity constraints report showed 11,380 unscheduled Broncos. This week’s report shows 5,381. Assuming no one ordered a Bronco last week that would be 5,999 retail orders scheduled last week. The retail order banks could drop to just fresh orders in a few weeks. (Minus all of the...
  8. Trail Mater tows out Bronco with punctured transmission pan

    BB’s Transmission pan is more at risk from meteorite damage as often as he puts one on it’s lid.
  9. Wyatt Johnson Ford in Nashville TN

    Just out of curiosity is this a regular HE or the HEL? If it’s a regular HE there’s no way they’ll get above MSRP in the open market (unless it’s a 2 door or eve rarer a 2 door 7MT). So their threat of a 10k markup is just a bluff
  10. Trail Mater tows out Bronco with punctured transmission pan

    The moral of the story is that if you’re going to wheel your Bronco in rocks get skid plates. Rory drove in 2wd all the way back to the Bronco until he was about 30 feet from it. So he didn’t struggle at all relatively speaking.
  11. Video of a Bronco's top somehow torn off apparently during delivery

    I don’t think a Bronco could sustain that amount of damage on a carrier without destroying part of the trailer. It sure looks like someone has taken a sawzall to the roll cage. Maybe someone bought it as salvage and it was just being delivered?
  12. Blown M190 on Hells Gate <-Video proof

    Our Moab Off Roadeo instructor said he wouldn’t do any of the optional obstacles on Hell’s. Not very adventurous over there (at least while in the official capacity as an instructor). None of the obstacles in the course are very difficult. Off Roadeo is designed to give introductory...
  13. Parnelli Jones 2021 First Edition Bronco at the Mecum Las Vegas auction

    Apparently the market for first editions is soft. I’m not sure if anyone thought that Parnelli Jones’ ownership of this Bronco added any value to it.
  14. Bronco Scheduling This Week (11/9/23). Scheduled 23MY Bronco Heritage and Heritage LE 2-Door Orders Cancelled.

    That wasn’t “shadow black raptor”. The Paint code for shadow black paint (PG1) is balanced out. So if you have an order in the system for a Shadow Black Bronco that has not been scheduled it won’t get scheduled.
  15. Moving to Oklahoma. Any Bronco owners on here from there?

    Welcome to Oklahoma. We mostly use Morse code on the telegraph but some of us have internet. we may not have the scenic hard core wheeling that Utah offers but we do have many very interesting places to visit. Go southwest to the Wichita mountains NWR for some great scenery and driving amongst...
  16. UAW and Ford have reached a contract agreement! [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I’m not saying that refineries nor ethanol production doesn’t exist in California. I’m saying that California has to import a significant percentage of ethanol. And the California refineries have to produce region specific fuels with a much higher cost structure than a TX gulf coast refinery.
  17. UAW and Ford have reached a contract agreement! [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    The biggest difference in fuel prices besides the taxes is the regional fuel blend requirements and supply costs. Let’s compare: Houston TX has millions of barrels of daily refining capacity with a virtually unlimited slate of crude oil supply that becomes very competitive. Houston TX has lower...
  18. Parnelli Jones 2021 First Edition Bronco at the Mecum Las Vegas auction

    Parnelli Jones’ personal First Edition Bronco will be up for auction at Mecum Las Vegas 2023. https://www.mecum.com/lots/1104918/ Cactus grey 4 door only 3,931 miles.
  19. Nitro Gear 5.29 ring and pinion: Feedback wanted

    5.29 gears for true 37” tires is still a wee bit taller than my non SAS Badlands on the stock 285 (32.5”) tires with 4.7 gears . I guess I’m used to first being a pretty short. You should be turning the same highway RPM’s as this of us with stock non SAS Badlands.