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  1. 2024 Outer Banks - Dealer Installed GPS tracker?

    Unplug it and through it in the ocean?
  2. Are frame sub parts available?

    This not gonna be fun- Went to the bodyshop my insurance agent recommended- They don't work on aluminum body vehicles. Called the shop the first recommended- First date for an estimate is July, maybe get into the shop in September.. That is crazy. Called 3rd shop and headed there today for...
  3. Are frame sub parts available?

    Some more where you can see the drivers side is hosed up and think the gap on the passenger side is tight (compared to my FE)
  4. Are frame sub parts available?

    Frame on driver’s side is toast, cargo floor is bent upwards, door gap on driver’s side is hideous, tailgate is trash… going to body shop tomorrow for an estimate
  5. Are frame sub parts available?

    It’s not my FE, it’s my 2021 Badlands so even less reason, we bought my wife the badlands and me the FE…. But she keeps driving her 2007 FJ Cruiser, she really never got comfortable driving the Bronco. Thanks for the feedback, to some it doesn’t look like much, but as soon as I saw the frame...
  6. Are frame sub parts available?

    I would rather have it totaled than have a Bronco that has had $30k plus of repairs
  7. Are frame sub parts available?

    Muffler is toast to
  8. Are frame sub parts available?

    This is the car that rear ended me
  9. Are frame sub parts available?

    Luckily it was on our Badlands and not the FE. She and the passenger admitted MJ use. It wasn’t so much the initial speed, it was that she didn’t let up after hitting me. I lost steering control as I was being pushed from behind
  10. Are frame sub parts available?

    Yep- I found that- between the tailgate, Bumper, trim and frame section is where I came up with $10k in parts. Add in a few thousand for paintwork, and a lot of labor and I cannot see this being a quick or cheap fix. I still have not found out if they have insurance. I do of course...
  11. Are frame sub parts available?

    Just roughing it, I see at least 10k in parts and I am probably missing a ton of stuff... I wonder what a frame replacement costs...
  12. Are frame sub parts available?

    I was driving 35mph, she was going 50? And didn’t let up till I was ran off the road into a fence… she then rolled backwards down a hill 500’ THEN rolled off a 30’ retaining wall and landed upside down. She is in the hospital.
  13. Are frame sub parts available?

    At least both of the red circled areas will need to be replaced, passenger maybe straightened, drivers no way. I will also need the rear cross member.
  14. Are frame sub parts available?

    Short story I got rear ended hard by a DUI, lots of damage, but I am curious about the frame. My rear cross member, hitch and at least the driver's rear frame rail piece are toast. It looks like there is a replaceable section of frame that is behind the axle. I am guessing that I need all of...
  15. OEM Hardtop available as accessory part ... here it comes.

    Nope you could have waited.. by the end of 2023 everyone who kept their order a hardtop got what they wanted
  16. OEM Hardtop available as accessory part ... here it comes.

    Ford didn't MAKE anyone switch to a soft top. They offered it as an option to get your Bronco sooner. People got screwed in many other ways, but no one was forced to make the switch. We never flinched and got 2 2021 hardtops (October and November)
  17. For sale factory rear steel bumper

    Maybe, let me check on my kids sports schedules for tournaments
  18. Busted front axle on my 2021 4X4 6 speed Black Diamond. Not recall list yet!

    Can you PLEASE answer the question about stock tires/wheels/modifications?????