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  1. Power Sources for Camping

    My point was it can be used in a campground that doesn't allow generator use. And technically the solar panels are the generator, the Jackery is a storage device.
  2. Power Sources for Camping

    Get some solar panels for your Jackery and or learn how to charge it from the Bronco power outlet. If your fridge is 12v run it off the Bronco when driving. Use 12v accessories with the Jackery when possible. Keep use of 120v to a minimum, running power through the inverter is in efficient...
  3. Power Sources for Camping

    Some campgrounds allow during certain hours, few forbid totally. I have RV camped for years and seldom need or run the generator. Modern campers have good 12 volt system that will run everything but a microwave or AC. I'm lucky to camp where I seldom need AC, but we sold our previous 10 year...
  4. Fog light bracket: OEM round into a Cube space

    I did what you are wanting to do. I took a hardware store T bracket and bent it to serve as the mount for the stock BB lights into the 3" square after market bumper hole. I've got a picture somewhere, I'll try to post.
  5. Power Sources for Camping

    Now I may be confused. The Jackery really isn't a generator, it is a battery box with a built in inverter to supply 120V. So it will be fine in any campground, because it makes no noise. It will need to be recharged periodically by plugging it in to 120V somewhere, solar or a charger off your...
  6. Affordable basic transportation models for 4x4 vehicles

    Really a stripped Bronco is not much simpler than a loaded one. Every command you give it, every switch you switch just asks the computer permission to execute the command. Computer may I turn on the lights? Yes, parameters met, lights on. May I engage 4 wheel dive? Sorry, wheel speed out...
  7. Oil filter for 2.7 question. Annoyed at this point.

    HaHa. Long live PH-8A! I've used Fram filters throughout my 50+ years maintaining my own stuff. No lubricated part failure. But have been flamed here when one showed up in a background of a photo. I'm using the Motorcraft on the 2.3 Bronco and Explorer. I bought the extended warrantees and...
  8. Ford Performance Rear Differential Cover Installed Impressions

    I believe this is the correct answer for the 2 hole question
  9. Missing Accessories / Parts in Bronco Aftermarket?

    I took an 8x10 tarp and folded it in fourths. Fits perfectly. Folded in half again fits with seats up. Unfold to run up the sides for messy cargo. Very useful around camp.
  10. Rear Off Road Bumper Advise

    BTW the RC comes with the tire mounted license relo, I modified it to the bumper, personal preferance.
  11. Rear Off Road Bumper Advise

    265/70 x 17. Not much different in size than stock but totally changed the look and performance. Next time I want a 33 but want 265 (10.5) width, hard to find.
  12. Rear Off Road Bumper Advise

    Love my RC. Comes with lights, shackles and license relo kit. Helluva bargain. Finish is still flawless after a few months.
  13. What's up with CarPlay / audio - issue switching between iPhones

    Same. I get this OnX and Google maps were glitchy too, I restarted my phone, they are now working, still no Trail App
  14. Bronco purchased

    Here's my replacement
  15. Bronco purchased

    I had assumed my Big Bend bumper was a steel beam covered with plastic. I took it off to replace with aftermarket, sure enough 100% plastic. Probably weighs 6 pounds :(
  16. Whats your favorite GOAT mode to wheel in?

    Thanks. Sometimes in a moment of panic I might get a bit aggressive with the throttle, so maybe Slippery would soften that. Reduce risk of broken parts. I'll have to try it. I'm usually in manual mode when crawling so soft shifting may not come into play.