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  1. Bronco Raptor coming to Rocket League

    I know that most of y'all aren't into gaming, however, for those that are... The Bronco Raptor is joining Rocket League!
  2. Soft top not clicking/locking when fully retracted

    Tried to fully retract the soft top today, but it's not "clicking" or locking into position in the fully reclined/retracted position. Guessing I just need to put it back up and then back down or something, but is there some kind of trick? The videos I've watched of others putting the top all...
  3. Question for Gatorback owners

    How do I remove the bottom portion of the mud flap? Got a trip planned Saturday and would like to take the bottom off for better clearance. I couldn't find the instructions or information for that, after googling for like fifteen minutes! 🤔
  4. August vs September builds

    Those that don't have build dates, but want the Bronco sooner, are you waiting until after the August build schedule has been emailed out before switching to a soft top? I was thinking of waiting until after this Thursday to see if I get an August build date with my MIC, and if not, switching...
  5. Unable to add accessories -

    For some reason, my dealer says they're unable to add pod lights or the light bar, as well as a few other accessories. They say they're "greyed out" on their side when creating/modifying the order. I'm guessing they also won't be able to install such upgrades for the factory cost after it's been...
  6. Cleaning your Bronco... inside out

    How are y'all planning on keeping your Bronco's cleaned, inside and out? Anyone plan on washing it by hand every time they take it out? I winterize my outside spigots, and won't be able to wash salt and grime off without going to some kind of car wash. Will probably end up using a touchless...