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  1. Dual Battery Concept

    Reading comprehension failure. I had visions of a DIY battery bank created using loose cells, not preassembled batteries.
  2. Dual Battery Concept

    Oof. Id be pissed if i laid out the cash fir the AAL setup, and the 🔋 are unobtainium. I'd look up building lithium batteries on YouTube. I've seen where the builders use metal strips and spot weld them the cells. You may already know that, but i keyed in on your comment about room for wires.
  3. Retro Hockey Stripes on Shadow Black - Matte Black or Carbonized Gray

    My favorite doesn't meet your criteria, but I'm a big fan of Gold or Bronze on Black or Gray.
  4. XK Glow 5th wheel tail wiring splicing/options

    Why didn't they just tie it into the wiring from the original third brake light?
  5. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    If you scroll waaay back in this thread I commented on the two door phenom once before. I too couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about, and why were they yelling? Then I figured it out(i think). Two door people fall into a number of passionate groups. Passionate singles, DINKS, empty...
  6. Bronco Badlands Fire Apparatus Build

    Fire SUV . . . If you know, you know.
  7. OnX Hunt on Android Auto

    Update - There are two views available. One is kind of a 3D effect. The other is overhead. Now that I've used OnX, Android Auto wants to use it as a default navigation, so I had to press the Google maps icon. The OnX search function was a buggy hot mess that locked up Android Auto. This was all...
  8. OnX Hunt on Android Auto

    I was briefly scrolling through the Android Auto menu this evening when I saw the OnX logo go scrolling by. Yup. Sure enough OnX Hunt is finally available. I'll have to dick with it OTW home from work in the morning to see how it works. I guess the price increase should come along with some...
  9. Gas Mileage Boost

    I noticed the same difference lately. Like precisely the same bump. I was blaming warmer temps. Summer fuel makes sense. The benefits are likely to go away once the Bronco starts dealing with thin superheated air, ambients at 105+.
  10. Painted my beauty rings gloss black. Badlands SAS

    FWIW, I imagine it'd be easier to find another owner with an opposite sense of esthetics and simply trade rings. I'm assuming there's a suitable population of Bronco owners where you live.
  11. Classic Bronco instrument cluster

    I don’t even like digital watches, but the digital speedometer has wiggled its way into my brain. Drove the wife’s Expy the other day, and the analog speedometer threw me off a little. Made me hate digital cluster even more.
  12. Classic Bronco instrument cluster

    I don’t even like digital watches, but I’ve been s yea, half the work is done. Rework the digital side to look like the mustang dash, and I might be happy.
  13. Drove w/ Front Hard Top Panels Only

    Looks better than the fronts off and the rear cap on.
  14. (fun list!) Bronco accessories to be avoided! (keep it friendly)

    I don’t roof rack, but I would think that the slide out TG would be essential for anyone who does roof rack.
  15. 🚨 4Runner Official Debut - Info, Specs, Pics, Videos + First Look Reviews

    If I were going to Toyota (I’m not), I’d Landcruiser. The 4 Runner is very modern. My son was a teenager when he accused me of having a strong nostalgia bias. He’s not wrong.
  16. Bronco extended trailer tongue extension question

    I’ll be moving the trailer out of the way of my wife’s trailer (it’s 30ft long and requires the Superduty to tow it. She lets me come along so I can drive) this weekend. I’ll get a tape on the hitch and let you know. The Bronco and Cargo conversion are mine, and I use them on trips where I...
  17. Bronco extended trailer tongue extension question

    My trailer jack is removable and uses a drill to raise and lower the jack. You might consider turning the jack so the handle is on the side versus dead center. It doesn't look like youve got Propane tanks holding you back from trying. I also have a drop hitch that gets the coupler mostly...
  18. Help me understand the fuel economics of gasoline containers?

    My use case for cans involves hunting trips with a base camp that is 60 miles from the nearest pump. I also tow a 6x12 cargo conversion that takes me down to an average of about 11 mpg, so I’m roughly five gallons in the hole just getting to camp. Even if I make a run into town for fuel, I’m...
  19. IM A HORSE - Definitely not a build.

    At least the motorcycle riding pants will keep that receiver hitch from breaking your leg too awfully bad. In all seriousness, great thread.
  20. Spectrum has blocked forscan IP address and now I can't resubscribe to forscan anyone else having that problem

    Sure wish there was a work around for the Strelock Ballistics Calculator. Luckily a guy from the local Bronco Club Forscanned my Bronco into quiet bliss this last weekend. The Stockholm Syndrome is strong though. Everytime I do something that used to cause the Bronco to Bing, bong, or honk, I...