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  1. SSM 51754 : 2.3L Engine Issue - Loss Of Coolant With Coolant In Oil (3/27/23 - 5/18/23 production dates)

    Let's cherry pick a little bit eh? Don't forget that the average Mazda RX-8 owner would average 1.5 replacement engines in the 36 month factory warranty period. And the bozo GM who Mitsubishi hired away from Hyundai in 2006 and immediately implemented the 100,000 mile factory warranty. I must...
  2. SSM 51754 : 2.3L Engine Issue - Loss Of Coolant With Coolant In Oil (3/27/23 - 5/18/23 production dates)

    Thanks for the tag! Was still out sailing when this popped up. With the 2.3's you should be checking your oil level every month at minimum, weekly would be better. Fuel dilution into the engine oil is an issue with these motors but it's incredibly easy to catch early and prevent from being a...
  3. HELP a girl out!!! My Bronco got lost and then sold!!!!

    The dealerships are Ford's customer. That this isn't more widely understood creates a lot of confusion in dealerships customers across the country (those are us, the end users).
  4. Trip report for first run to Moab with my 2022 Bronco Badlands.

    As others have said, it's absolutely doable on 33's. I also did Hells Revenge including the primitive exit road on a nearly stock Badlands 2.3/MT running stock wheels. Icon tie rods and skids/sliders were the only mods). That being said, the primitive exit road was fairly loud in terms of...
  5. Could bronco Sport hint to Bronco Changes?

    It's been rumored long and hard that Area 51 was replaced by Area 52. Also, search for the MY24 paint thread(s), lots of good info, conjecture, conversation and renderings in those!
  6. Lifting our Bronco by the Tire Carrier (by Turn Offroad) with a Forklift

    I was going to say it looks like they hired two different welders to work on that. One making $75 an hour, and one making $10 an hour*. (For reference, I'm a DIY home-gamer welder and could make those $10 an hour welds) The brace is a full production model so that's what you should expect in...
  7. Air Force One Bronco: Robin's Egg Blue Heritage Limited Edition Mods.

    In dungeons and Dragons, "TPK" means something entirely different! Fun rig, that's a great paint color and fenders! Followed up by typical Ford and their quizzical jumble of features and hardware on the "special" editions.
  8. What are these? New Bronco owner question.

    It tells you how to use the three seashells.
  9. What are these? New Bronco owner question.

    The search inputs check out! Really surprised it didn't result in a few pages of hits. This thread is like a blind man at an orgy. You're going to have to feel your way around.
  10. What are these? New Bronco owner question.

    Sadly I thought this thread was going to be a noob calling out other noob's for never searching for answers and instead making new threads on every thought. But I see today is not that day. Answer to your question: it's a stripper pole for sloths.
  11. Night time Rubicon attempt... Metalcloak bumpers and control arms tested

    That's a great write-up and I really appreciate how you went through the trip instead of just a "we did a thing, click bait my video and pay me" which has become all too standard from our influencer "members". To give a bit of insight to others who weren't there, what were some of your field...
  12. Odd braking behavior

    The transmission does have a "learning" function but there's also a seldom discussed "teaching" function that the 10AT does where it teaches you how much an automatic transmission can suck. It "learned" this while figuring out how to go 25 mph, uphill, in 10th gear. To the OP, when you're...
  13. General Opinion: Manual Transmission (Update)

    Firstly, I do agree that the gear ratios can be odd. Then you add in the different engagements and revs between 4H, 4L, 2H and crawl, and you've got what feels like 5 different transmissions in the low gears. Having only had the Bronco a few weeks before meeting up with some B6g folks in Moab...
  14. Dash Display - Wide Mode

    Something so simple as a user-selected checkbox for what gauges appear would have been a better solution. Tach (yes/no) Speedo (yes/no) For the AT folks, they don't even know the engine rotates internally. Just a magic box of metal that does their foots bidding. For the MT folks it would be...
  15. Well, bad news about the Icon Tubular UCAs…

    Seems irrelevant to Icon to make their aftermarket solutions designed around working in conjunction with OEM parts that they are also replacing and encouraging you to buy their products. (Stage 86 suspension is just hardware, Stage 87 suspension comes with stickers!) OEM Sas spring is indeed...
  16. Dash Display - Wide Mode

    As long as there's a gigantic digital speedometer displayed directly adjacent to a mechanical speedometer so large that there's no effective tachometer then i'll be happy. Oh, wait, looks like i'm one happy boy! Brilliant decision to make the tach digital, and numeric, and using a multiplier.
  17. Bricked Again! - Second Time. Anyone Else?

    For trickle charging I have not seen anything on this nor found any information on the Ford battery maintenance hardware/software requiring different charging procedures. That's for jumping a dead battery. It's been standard to chassis-ground the neg of the dead vehicle since the automotive...
  18. Bronco Trail App - any fixes?

    Gaia is drastically better than onx for an actual trail app. But i'll give Onx credit, they spend about 10,000 times more than Gaia for marketing, so that's something!
  19. Air Recirculating Button

    You really let me down. I expected the next paragraph to be a request for the VIN number so that Ford could start a ticket to get the dealership to look into the air quality.
  20. Backup plans for hard top removal if it rains

    And somebody will get water under the washout floor. And somebody will back their Bronco into the ocean screwing up a boat launch. And somebody will decide their Bronco is a fish. Since we're being as outlandish as "I saw a thread once", I heard the dealership say once that I had to do a...