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  1. What exactly is in "Sasquatch Package" ?

    Some of us waited 2 years to get out Bronco. It’s at least an associates degree :)
  2. Victory: dialed in the Kicker 200.4 and 500.1 amps with upgraded speakers and Gearshade hidden 8" sub

    I think the Gearshade sub box is reasonably priced. I like to build my own boxes. I'm working up a box design that I can mount above the rear passenger trim panel bump out. The thought is to attach it to a molle panel with vibration isolating foam pads and bushings to prevent rattles.
  3. Victory: dialed in the Kicker 200.4 and 500.1 amps with upgraded speakers and Gearshade hidden 8" sub

    I think the aftermarket pods sellers are all saying that they don't work with the Braptor or they are working through a product modification. Anything sold that is Braptor-specific gets a back-burner for development because the lower quantity of these in the market. (It's like 2-door but much...
  4. Painted my beauty rings gloss black. Badlands SAS

    Before they added Hoss 3.0, my first attraction to Wildtrak was the gloss black exterior accents.
  5. JL Audio upgrades to b/o system

    The A2B interfaces are likely the best solution. I haven't used one, but I have been reading up. Here's what I have learned in my research: B&O is a pain to upgrade in traditional ways (line out converters and amping) The sub channel has a bass roll-off. If bronco is like other Ford B&Os...
  6. 604Bronco’s Build Journal

    That's a solid piece of equipment. Thanks for the input on the half roof rack. Just ordered mine from CJ Pony Parts today.
  7. Bronco audio from DS18

    I'm more on the 'stealth' end of the audio spectrum, but I appreciate the custom paint :)
  8. Upgrading Subwoofers to 2 x JL Audio 10TW3-D4

    Good thread. I checked out the Jeepboxpro enclosure and stumbled on this one. I like the built in amp rack. Also, I like to woodwork and I could see making something similar for a shallower 8" sub...
  9. Roll Bar Mounted Subwoofer?

    Also, check out the DS18 stuff for roll bars. https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/bronco-audio-from-ds18.92249/ They have two mounting options for their wake tower pods: clamps that are Bronco specific and a bar that goes across the back that allows standard (round) clamps to attach.
  10. Bronco audio from DS18

    This is an FYI... I stumbled upon this researching some audio options. Some interesting stuff including door speaker mounts, and roll bar options. Bronco (ds18.com)
  11. Roll Bar Mounted Subwoofer?

    Using a Bazooka tube as an enclosure for a better sub only makes sense if you are repurposing a used one.
  12. Roll Bar Mounted Subwoofer?

    Bazooka makes marine market subs. Also, Kicker makes a couple compact subs that are sealed against water. In addition to bolts, I would strap the sub to the roll bar.
  13. Hi all

    That makes sense. Thanks.
  14. Hi all

    @mObridge I looked at your install document. So, does your solution not require pulling the dash apart? I watched a video on an Amp Pro install and they had to get access to Audio Control Module to fit a T-harness.
  15. B & O Rear Speaker Upgrade

    I have heard that the rear speakers don't have a full range signal. Is that true and is a there a workaround for that for the B&O setup?
  16. Installing OEM subwoofer in subwoofer delete car.

    You'd be throwing good money after bad. I have the stock B&O (which is a bigger mediocre sub.) It's better than nothing, but I will replace it when time permits. If you don't mind sacrificing a little cargo area, this...
  17. JL Audio Stealthbox subwoofer enclosure for Bronco now available

    So either find a Forscan buddy or pay the dealership to run the soundbar install program.